prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


5. hotel truth

me and cece went to the hotel starving we were wondering when the boys would be showing up cece told me i should call harry but i was afraid to so she took my phone and called it then locked me in the room with the phone i was going to hang up when harry answered. hello. hey harry i said.ahaha im guessing you two are starving? yeah cece made me oh , he sounded  disappointed well we are in the parking lot so see ya. bye. cece! you made it weird why did you have to call him! i dont know i just wanted you two to talk. a couple mins later *knock, knock* i'll get it! cece yelled. okay!

cece's pov

i opened the door to a happy harry he smiled and said got you two some dinner! oh good, im straving! haha okay he said he stood there awkwardly oh sorry i said and let him in. haha it's fine im sure you never had a famous person wait for you to let them in. i laughed a little yeah i haven't, jess! im coming! i watched harry's face when jessica walked in he likes her i smiled; took my sandwich and said i am going to go eat outside bye! oh bye jessica said. i just wanted them two to spend some time together i just had a good idea about them being together.

jessica's pov

hi harry i said he stood up from the chair and hugged me it was the type of hug you never wanted to let go of. he handed me my food and we started eating it was about 8pm when were finished talking and eating cece came back with niall they looked cute together.

harry's pov

jessica and i talked every once and a while she would catch me just staring at her but i just couldn't help she was just so beautiful cece and niall walked in and asked if we would like to go on a walk. we both said  yeah sure we walked out of the room.

________________________________________________________________________________hey people sorry i was going to update but i wasn't feeling good sorry this is short it's a quick filler tell me what you guys think should niall and cece be together or not whats your take on this story? also it was going to be longer but when i went to go press save and publish it logged me out and lost the whole story part so im changeing it up a bit but dont be worried it will pop up a different way- love lillyan

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