prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


12. Friday blues but good new

Jessica's pov today's Friday at last one more week and I will see Harry hug him! All though I will have to wear long sleeves for a while. My dad is out on a trip and my mom is back to cheating on him.cece's pov I feel like I'm loseing Jessica she doesn't really talk anymore and everyone keeps saying horrible things to her it's like they forgot about the whole thing that happened last year she still cuts I can tell I wanna help but she doesn't invite me over anymore I'm going to text Niall and ask if I can to Harry. Niall's pov Harry! Cece needs to talk to you! I hope everything is alright with Jessica cece told me she has felt down lately. Harry's pov: Niall called me I came running when I herd cece was Jessica okay?!? Hello? Hey Harry, I don't think Jessica is feeling okay. What do you mean? Well she's not her normal self she's been very quit and doesn't talk to me as much. Are people messing with her? Yes, and Harry I think she went back to cutting. Oh no! Yes is there anyway you could come a week early? I don't know I will try my best cece talk to you later bye. Bye. Niall! Yes? We got to get the boys we are going to Arizona! Wait what?! Yea pack and I'll get the tickets. I ran to each of the rooms and told them I quickly packed and called the airport. Jessica's pov: I got a call from Harry. Hey babe you alright? Yes I guess Harry I just miss you. Well go outside your house. Why? Just go outside. Okay I'm going. I opened the door and saw the boys! I dropped the phone and jumped on to Harry. I missed you so much! I missed you too love. But there was one more person a girl. Oh it was Taylor. Hi I said gloomly. Hi..? Jessica. Hi Jessica. Come in you guys my moms gone for the week and so is my dad. I held Harry's hand the whole time to show Taylor me and Harry are real. So why are you guys here early! Well because we wanted to come early. Okay so do you guys want to have a tour of my town? Yea sure! Is there anything we could get to eat first? I'm starving. Yea sure I have food in the kitchen or we can go out. He ran to the kitchen. Haha okay well I'll give you a tour of my house we have 5 bed rooms my room my mom and dads and I had two brothers who moved out so those rooms are empty. There is 3 bathrooms. They sat down to watch the tv I pulled Harry away to my room and shut the door. He looked around my room touching the little stuff on my desk I sat down and just watched him. He turned around and walked to me sat down next to me. I like your room. Haha thanks I hugged him. Harry's pov: I looked around her room it was intresting I liked it. So Jessica cece's worried about you. Really? Yes. Why would she. Well she thinks your cutting yourself again. She looked down shamefully. I kissed her head babe are you okay? She started crying I lifted her up onto my lap. She pulled her sleeves up I saw the marks on her wrist. I took her arm and kissed it a couple timesi love you Jessica please try not to do this I don't want to lose you.i kissed her and said lets go okay you can give us a tour of the town. Okay I wiped her tears away and pulled her out the room. Taylor's pov: I dont want to be here at all I just want Harry and me to be alone only if Jessica wasn't here! Gosh I just made a new song it's about falling in love. I could have picked another guy to "go out with" but I want to see how Harry is his past girlfriends say he's amazing in bed! I laughed lithely and walked to the hallway in front of Jessica's room apperently she cutting herself "I don't want to lose you" I herd Harry say I herd the door unlocking Harry walked out with Jessica. I stood there awkwardly umm.. Can I help you? Yes wheres the bathroom? To the left. Thanks.zayns pov: somthings up I wonder what's wrong with Jessica she seems off and Taylor I feel like she's up to no good. They walked back out it was time for the tour.-------------------------------hey people sorry it took a while again not much time for me to write but Christmas break is comeing! I'm still writeing from my phone so sorry if it's kind of weird looking. Thanks for likeing and favouriteing my story. It means a lot much love-lillyan :)
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