prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


3. friday after noon

me and cece were leaving tonight to L.A we didn't tell anybody about what happened we kept it to our selfs so we packed up and told our parents they didn't seem to mind they said it was fine as long as we were back by midnight sunday we agreed and left.this was my first time leaving home without my parents it was weird me and cece took our bags nd dropped them off we borded the plane it was around 4:45pm we would arive around 5:50pm it was going to be short but it i decided to take a nap. cece woke me up we were landing in about 5 mins i looked out the window and i was kind of scared of what would be happening when we landed i started shaking cece noticed and took my hand and said everything is going to be okay jess keep calm i laughed a little and said okay im just scared. there is no need to be if harry didn't like us why would he invite us? your right i said as we picked our bags up she called a taxi we were going to stay at the hyatt hotel i never herd of it before so i hope it was going to be okay.

(at hotel)

cece! how did you afford this!! haha well it wasn't only me your parents knew it would make you happy. i smiled and said so you just had to have a whole floor to us! no! of course not half of the floor she said with a smirk. what do you mean well when i called i was going to ask for a whole floor but they said all rooms were filled and i mean everything but the lady put me on hold then she said i could half a floor someone was going to have a whole floor but they said it was to have half. she took a deep breath i laughed i wonder who is haveing the other half. hmm..well who cares she skipped to the door and said lets go get some dinner i jumped up and followed her out.

harry's pov

i laughed as we walked into the hotel it was funny that liam's shoe some how just left his foot, a girl must of stole it haha i laughed looking down at the floor thats when i saw her a beautiful girl following another, the boys caught me stareing and said ohhh looky harry is going googlely i laughed and said shut up lets get to our rooms!

jessica's pov

after we were done eating i ran to the room it was late i wanted to go to bed i was in bed when i herd laughter i was mad cece too we walked to the door and opened it to five boys staring at us as if they just got caught by theirs parents for staying up to late they all said hello in harmony me and cece were frozen louis came up to us and shook us i said ermm...hi? hii !! harry said cece nudged me i smiled and said we just came out here to ask if you could be quite we need to sleep added cece. they said oh not for an autograph!? no we said oh okay sorry harry came closer to us and said it again we smiled and left we didn't want to let them know that it was us who harry was talking to we were leaving it a mystery till tomorrow. 

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