prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


9. Boys interview

Commercial brake was over time for the boys! Harry smiled at the camera then went to his phone I got a text it was him.
Harry: hey you watching?
Jessica: yes text me after the show okay?
Harry: okay bye
I turned up the volume. Hey boys it's nice to meet! It's nice to meet you too! Sit,sit. Now to business who's this girl? Harry blushed ahh I see I should be asking Harry. Yes the 4 boys chimed I felt my cheeks go red. Cece laughed. Shhh!!!
Harrys pov
Well you see that's Jessica. Last name? Ummm...I got a text from Jessica
Jessica:my last name is winter since I didnt tell you before
Harry:okay thanks
Her last name is winter. Oh okay, was that her texting you? I blushed yes,yes it was. A girl screamed awww..Harry's got a crush!! Aww the crowd added I blushed even more. So is there anything going on between you two?!?! I'm not sure if I should answer that.. Well text her during commercial brake and you can tell us after we get back.okay?
Jessica's pov
I did one more better I called him.
Harry's pov
Oh well she's calling I'll be right back. Hello. Hey. So do you want me to tell them? What do you want to do? I would love to tell them! Okay well there you go Harry I love you! Love you too babe, talk you later? Yeah, of course Harry you can call me whenever you want to! Okay bye love. Bye. Great timing we are back on. So Harry what is it or do we have to play the recording we did when you went back stage! Umm I think I will tell. Me and Jessica are going out. Well we are still playing the video! I covered my eyes and the video started it then ended well I guess this interview was really for me. No we still have 10mins we will stop bothering you. So Liam...
Jessica's pov
Well it's official.
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