prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


11. Bad day away

Jessica's pov
I woke up in the morning and did my normal rutean took a shower brushed my teath ect... Once I was fully dressed I went down stairs to go eat. Mom dad?! Hmm were did they go to at 7:30am in the morning? My phone beeped its Harry. Harry<3: hi hope you have a good day at school text me anytime you want love you:). Hey Harry thank you I will and okay I will love you too<3.harrys pov: niall I'm hopeing she really does text me what I ment wasn't there is any problems or she just wants to talk about, today is her day back at school and people might be very terrible to her. Harry everything will be okay ok she will denfinitly text you. All right I will leave you alone bye. I hung up the phone. I was in the hotel room when I got a call from management. Hello? Hi Harry we want you to come down to room 1267 okay it's very important. Okay. I quickly got dressed and comed my fingers through my hair and walked to room 1267. Without a word I was pulled in uhhhh what's going on? Well you see we found out you have made a relationship with our concent and well we disapprove. WHAT DO MEAN DISAPPROVE, JESSICA IS A AMAZING GIRL! Well she's not the kind of girl we want you to be seen with it will bring your reputation down and make all fans think they have a chance to date you boys. SO I DON'T CARE JESS IS AMAZING I LOVE HER!! Well we have allready agreed with Taylor swifts management to have you two date. WHAT WHY?!?! So they can promote her new song. hoe long will I be *dating* her? A month. WHAT NO I WON'T GO THROUGH WITH THIS I CAN'T JUST DROP JESSICA! I'm sorry Harry but we agreed on a contract about 2 months ago before you met Jessica winter. You may see her through out the process of you and Taylor *dateing* so it will make the song even more of a hit. You do know I will be with Jessica more that Taylor right? Well for this month it's has to be more Taylor than you two will brake up once she finds out about Jessica and there you go. Okay but can I tell Jessica? Yes you may so she won't freak out and dump you. All right bye I said as I left the room. Jessica's pov: things wern't going well at all people at school are shooting me millions of questions and glares like death stares, one girl during lunch came up to me and asked is Harry good in bed. I was struck by the question I have two years left of high school and she thinks I lost my v card? I answered polity well I don't know. Oh she said and sat down unfortunate of me. You know lots of people are telling me your a slut and a whore and like you have done the whole school. WHAT! is it true?is what true? That you were hired to be Harry's girlfriend? NO!! He asked me out and from that it just happened. Oh well I need to go but if you ever need to talk here's my number you might need help soon. Thanks...umm? Lucy. Thanks Lucy. She smiled and walked away well cece never showed up I hope she's Okay. Cece's pov: I didn't go to school today I was scared people would be mean and do stuff to me and Jess I hope she's fine or at home. Jessica's pov: I quickly went to the girls bathroom and sat on the couch while I dialed Harry's phone. Hello? Hi babe how you doing? Im fine Harry just people are calling me stuff..Im sorry If I could be there I would but I need to tell you something call me after school okay it's important! Okay I will. *ring,ring* oh well that sounds like a time to get to class bell I will let you go Jess love you. Love you too bye. I jumped up and went to PE. I was glad that after this was just one more class than I would free I focused on my feet we have been running on the track and I'm very clumsy but fast at running its weird 6 laps I need to do 4/6 are done so woohoo! I think PE is the only class no one bothered me. I quickly finished the last lap and ran to the locker room to change my phone blinked. From:Harry<3 hey Jessica call me right after you get out of school it's important! Okay I will one class left. The bell rang time for chorus today my teacher was absent so we had to do book work which ment just talk great! People circled me and asked billions of questions about the boys. WHAT'S HARRY LIKE!?!?Well emm hes really nice and careing. DO YOU GOT ALL THEIR PHONE NUMBERS?!?! No I don't just Harry. This want even a question it was a threat BITCH GO FUCK YOUR SELF DRINK BLEACH AND LEAVE HARRY ALONE HE DOENST LIKE SLUTS LIKE YOU! A tear ran down my face I'm sorry you feel that way. I walked to the teacher and asked if I could go clean my face. Yes go honey. I grabed my stuff and left. I called cece hello? Cece! Are you home? Yes Jess are you crying?!? Maybe.. Do you want me to go pick you up? That would be nice okay I'm on my way.i walked to the back of the school and went there she came up quickly apologising That she didn't go to school she was scared its fine cece let's go.
Harry's pov: my phone started ringing jellow Jessica? Yea. Are you crying I herd a sniffle no. Babe in so sorry school was ruff I got even more bad news. What is it? Well manegment is forcing me to *date* Taylor swift. Why?! To promote her new song. Will I still be able to see you or are we done. Babe we will never be done I love you okay me and you will make the brake up more real they said I will still be coming to vist okay but she has to come with. Aww okay Harry I understand it all. Great, thank you and I'm sorry I will make it up to you I promise. Harry you just being honest with me is a nuff I love you. Love you too Jessica talk to you later bye. Bye. Zayn walked in with Liam hey how'd it go everything fine? Yes she understands wait how did you know about all this? They called us after you left. Oh okay. Liam came to me and said she's a keeper she didn't leave you. I could tell Liam was still sad about his brake up. I hate manegment! I know they both said well you wanna go to Starbucks? Yeah sure let's go.------------------------------------------------------------------------hey sorry it's kind of sloppy and bad I have been writing from my phone and also sorry I didnt update Friday it's unknown when I will update again I will try soon so please tell me what you think and what's this haylor thing all about hmm? Yea I had to add it to my story if your a Taylor swift lover or a haylor lover sorry but I about to bring the terrible Taylor out-love you guys lillyan Marie love:)
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