prank call fate

this was my first time ever doing something like this i wanted to hang up so badly but my friends blackmailed me after what i did to them, a husky voice said hello in a lovely british accent. my friend nudged me jessy talk! oh...erm....hello? hi may i ask who is calling? oh...emm....jessica whos this? well i thought you would know since you called. haha well...erm you see i think i typed the wrong going to hang up now. no! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction........ hello? he said i was speechless my best friend cece took the phone.


1. fate


i was pulling the most amazing prank ever on my best friend cece she deserved it she always got everything the lead role in the school play head cheerleader, not to say it was my idea it was dannys idea hes our  best boyfriend without him i dont think i would be here he got me out  of depression , i was so close to dieing  i was in the girls locker room when he saved me well they both did but he helped more i hit a vain but just in time they both walked in i was loseing lots of blood he quickly ran to me he called 911 it was a blur after that i just remember him by my side and cece sleeping on a wooden chair across the room from there he took care of me he was like my brother. well back to what i was doing to cece as soon as she walked in the locker room she would get tied up and sprung into the air, and all the girls knew. shhh!!!! shes coming yelled jade we all hid she walked in and just as i said what would happen  happened everyone laughed she was but i couldn't stop laughing i took her down she ran out. at that point i remembered she was spending the night at my house tonight she was so going to get  me!

(after school)

cece wait! she was getting in her car. WHAT! she yelled, im sorry okay danny said i should do it as a prank on you it wasn't really me he did it really! i was digging in my purse she knew that i was looking for something hsarp jess stop im sorry its because me and danny broke up today last period and i was just mad at the both of things that happened. i stood up and opened her car door she got back in the car and drove to my house.

(at jessica's house)

so cece what do you want to do? well its 11pm i know just what to do! by the look on her face i knew  it was payback time after pulling the prank on her. she gave me a devilish smile and handed me my phone and said here goody good your prank calling! i knew i couldn't back down so i took the phone and dialed a random number it rang 3 times my heart was racing finally a husky voice said hello it was a lovely british accent my friend nudged me,talk jessica oh...erm...hi. hello may i ask who's calling? oh...emm...jessica who's this? well i thought you would know since you are calling. see i think i dialed the wrong going to hang up! wait! this is harry styles! my heart dropped it was harry from one direction. hello?i was speechless cece grabed the phone and started speaking hello, whos this. oh emm.. this is harry styles. then she said oh wow now i see why she cant speak! i ran out of the room.

cece's pov

i spoke into the phone it was harry styles, then he said who are you? i am cece jessica's friend sorry for bothering this is her first time prank calling and well like and she ran out of the room. he laughed, hahaha...oh okay well i give you girls props for calling me on her first prank call, i am very impressed where are you from? we are from arizona, usa. oh wow! haha yeah sorry. oh it's fine how would you like if i sent 2 tickets and passes for you two to come to L.A? OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!! haha okay give me an address to send them to and i will! i gave him it and he said okay cool now can i talk to jessica? i smiled and said sure. i walked into hr parents room jess someone want's to talk to you! she said who is it mom!no and i handed her the phone and walked away.


jessica's pov

hello? hi! god it was harry oh...emm...hi. dont be afraid  its cool you got my number in the first call. haha thanks. yeah this your cellphone number? yes..why.. well because i wanted to save it. i smiled. oh so i am sending you two tickets to out L.A concert oh and passes to meet us. harry! i heard in the backround. oh i am sorry i am going to have to go he saidi said okay bye.bye. cece walked in and we both screamed my phone beeped it was he jessica have a goodnigtxx :) after that i texted back have a goodmorning:). we went to bed with a smile and butterflies in our stomachs  the concert was saturday it was 12am friday i couldn't wait! ________________________________________________________________hey people tell me what you think my last story wasn't great ! i hope this one is better tell me what you think thank much love! :)

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