Love Me

When Caile moves to London and meets her idols, will she follow her heart or mind? What obstacles will get in her way? One Direction will change her life forever..


8. Spin the Bottle - Part 1


Emma's POV   Caile and Niall are meant for each other, I'm positive. They would be adorable together! After Caile and I got done exploring the house, we went back to hang out with the boys. I walked down the stairs and saw Harry and Zayn playing around, ahh Zarry :') I sat there, watching Harry, and started thinking.. I think I have a crush on him. When we hugged, it was like nothing I've ever felt before.. I think I got butterflies..? He's amazing, beautiful, he had the cutest curly hair, and the most gorgeous green eyes! I don't see why he doesn't have a girlfriend.. I hear he's a player though.. but who knows. I wonder if he likes me, too..? Who am I kidding, he'd never like me. I'm not as near as pretty as the other girls he's been with. I'm nothing special.. I think I'll keep my crush to myself.    Harry's POV    Zayn and I started playing around. He thought it'd be funny to mess up my curls.. he thought wrong. As we were fighting, I saw Emma come down the stairs. She's so beautiful.. I think I have a crush on her.. A lot of people say I'm a player but I'm really not.. I hope she doesn't think of me that way. She has the prettiest green eyes and the cutest laugh ever. When she hugged me earlier, I could have stayed like that forever and I'm pretty sure I had butterflies.  I may be famous, but I don't think she'd go for a guy like me.. She's too beautiful. I think I'll keep my crush to myself.   Liam's POV   The boys and I were waiting for the girls to come back downstairs so we could start our mini party/sleepover kind of thing. We're going to have loads of fun (: The girls finally came back down, so I went and broke Zayn and Harry up from their little fight they had going on so we could get the fun started. "Ok! What do you guys want to do first?" I asked everyone. "Hm.. SPIN THE BOTTLE!!!" Louis said. Of course... typical Louis. "Only if it's okay with the girls.." I looked over at the girls to see if they were okay with that.  "Yeah, that's fine with us!" Caile said. The girls looked really excited. Zayn went and got the bottle, we all sat in a circle, and started the game.   Caile's POV    We decided to play Spin the Bottle first.. this should be interesting. That means that I'm possibly going to have to kiss someone.. I've never had my first kiss. -_- Yes, some 17  year olds haven't kissed anyone yet. I kind of want it to be with Niall... Anywaysss-- It was Harry's turn. I was anxious to see who it was going to land on.. It landed on..  Louis.  HAHAHAHA. Of courseee. Larry is forever! Once Larry got done smooching, it was Emma's turn. What if it landed on me...? Ew..  She spun the bottle and it landed on.. Harry! Aww :) Harry's getting a lot of kisses tonight.. I could tell that they were both happy about this.. :P    Emma's POV    I spun the bottle and it landed on ... Harry?!?! Oh.. my.. gosh.. I, Emma Green, get to kiss the one and only, Harry Styles.  I looked over at Harry and he smiled :) He scooted over to me.. leaned in.. then BAM. THE BEST FREAKING KISS OF MY LIFE. IT WAS LIKE EXPLOSIONS ALL THE OVER THE PLACE. WHAT IS LIFE?! I JUST KISSED HARRY STYLES.    Harry's POV   Emma spun the bottle and it landed on me.. YES!!! :D I tried not to show how happy I was.. but I don't think it was working. She looked over at me, and I probably had the biggest, goofiest, smile on my face.. but I didn't care. I liked her and I get to kiss her.. how could I not be happy?!  I scooted over to her.. leaned in.. then BAM. IT WAS THE BEST KISS I'VE EVER HAD. I WAS KISSING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL EVER ! IT WAS LIKE THE FOURTH OF JULY INSIDE OF ME. 'I'm falling for Emma Green.. and I'm falling hard.'      --That was a lot of different POV'S.. :P asdfghjkl bye--
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