Love Me

When Caile moves to London and meets her idols, will she follow her heart or mind? What obstacles will get in her way? One Direction will change her life forever..


5. One Direction?

Caile's POV 

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something.." I head Emma say.  I had no idea what to do. My idols, the 5 most amazing guys, were standing right in front of me! 
"What should we do...?" I whispered to Emma.
"Um.. I guess we just get in line for our drinks." We walked slowly up to the line and waited. There were 3 people in front of us, so we didn't have to wait too long. We were both staring at the 5 boys but didn't notice they were staring back. I think I was the first to notice.. Emma was clueless to the fact that they were staring back at us. The cashier got our attention by being very rude.. 
"Um hello?!" The cashier said. Well they woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
"Oh yeah, um.. sorry. Could we have two Mocha Late's, please?" I  asked politely. 
"Mhmm" The cashier muttered.  Em and I walked over to a table, still in shock. 
"OH MY GOD. CAILE. YOU SEE THEM TOO, RIGHT?!" Em whisper shouted. 
"Yes! I'm still in shock. Should we say something to them..? I asked.
"I don't want to seem annoying.." She said.
"I know.. me either. Did you see them staring at us?!" I asked her.
"THEY WERE?! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE?!" She said loudly.
"Shhhh!!! You were too busy staring back at them" She gave me the, you-better-shut-up-now-or-ill-embarrass-you-for-life look. 
I chuckled at that and glanced over at them, only to find them at the table right across from us, whispering to each other. 
"What do you think they're talking about??" I asked Em, tilting my head over to their table.
"I don't really know.." She said, looking over at them. 
We sat there a couple more minutes just sipping at our drinks until we heard someone clear their throat. 
We both looked up and...

Emma's POV 

I looked up, after hearing someone clear their throat.. it was One Direction! They come over to OUR table. I was sooo freaking out on the inside, but on the outside, i kept cool.. same with Caile, i think. Harry stepped forward and looked me right in the eye. 
"Well hello there. What might your names be?" He asked us.
"I'm Emma" I told him.
"I'm Caile" Caile said. 
"Beautiful names for beautiful ladies" He said with a wink. Harry Styles just called ME beautiful?!?! Next, Niall spoke up. 
"What brings you two girls here?" Niall asked.
"Well, we just moved here last night into an apartment down the street, and decided to come for some drinks." I told him. 
"Really? We live just down the street, too. What road do you live on?" Ahh crap.. I forgot the name of our street. I looked over to Caile, hoping that she remembered. 
"North street." Caile said. Thank god she remembered. I looked at all the boys faces, they looked ecstatic. 

Caile's POV 

"North Street" I told the gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed, Niall. Who was standing right in front of me.. talking to me!!! I was totally freaking out on the inside!! All of their faces lit up when I told them where we lived. Liam was the next to say something.
"No way!! So do we! What's your apartment number??" I lived on the same street as One Direction?!?! London must be my lucky city.. 
"245. What's yours?" I replied. 
"246! Looks like we're neighbors!!!!" Liam said. He seemed excited.. I wonder why? 
"Oh my god! No way!! That's awesome!!!" Emma yelled. I knew she'd say something sooner or later.. :P 

The next thing they said could have made me pee myself, right then and there. 

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