Love Me

When Caile moves to London and meets her idols, will she follow her heart or mind? What obstacles will get in her way? One Direction will change her life forever..


7. Love at first sight, maybe?

Caile's POV 

I walked up the stairs of the boys apartment and stared in amazement. It was amazing!! When I got up the stairs, I saw Niall standing to greet me. 
"Hi Niall. Thanks for the invite!" I thanked him.
"It's really no problem! We're going to have so much fun!" I smiled and gave him a hug. He smelt so good.. I could've stayed like that forever. 'No Caile, you can't fall for him. He's an international pop star, he'd never fall for someone like you.' I thought to myself. Why would he like someone like me? I'm nothing special.. 
        I walked over to the other boys and thanked and hugged them, too. I didn't feel the same way with them as I did with Niall.. what was going on with me? Emma and I explored the apartment while the boys ordered pizza, made popcorn, and did all the other things.
"This place is amazing!!" Emma said.
"I know..." I said, walking into a room. It was someones bedroom, I think it was Louis' because there were striped shirts and suspenders all over the floor... typical Louis. 
"I think Niall fancy's you Caile.." Emma said unexpectically. He does? I don't think so.. 
"Really? How do you know?" I asked her. I was really curious.
"Yeah.. I mean.. the way he looks at you, isn't the way you would look at a friend. You know what I mean?" 
"Yeah.. I know what you mean, but I don't think he likes me. We barely know each other.." I told her.
"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Why was she asking me this?
"Um.. not really." I said.
"Well I think you should..." This girl has gone crazy..
"Why??" I asked.
"Because you fancy him, too." She said. IS SHE CRAZY?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM! 
"I DO NOT! WE BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER." I yelled. I hope no one heard that... 
"What ever you say.. but you totally have a crush on a little Irish boy named Niall.." she said.

Zayn's POV 

The girls just went upstairs to look around the apartment and the boys and I were downstairs getting the food ready. I looked over at Niall, he had a dreamy expression on his face. I knew exactly what was going on.. I walked over to Niall. 
"Hey mate. What are you thinking about..?" I asked Niall.
"Oh um.. nothing.." He's such a bad liar. 
"You're a horrible liar.." I told him.
"Fine.. Zayn, I was thinking about Caile." He confessed. I knew it!!!! He fancied her but he wont admit it!
"I figured. What about her?" I asked 
"When she hugged me.. it was nothing I've ever felt before. I don't know what's going on. I think I like her... but she'd never like me. She's too beautiful and smart and -" I cut him off.
"Nialler, cant you tell that she likes you, too? Just the way she looks at you.. you can tell she has feelings for you. You may have just met her, but you fancy each other." I told him. 
"I don't think so, Zayn.."
"Niall, do you believe in love at first sight." I knew he didn't..
"No, not really.." he said. I knew it :P
"Well you should.. cause it just happened to you and you didn't even notice. I'll tell ya what, spend time with her tonight and become friends.. then see what happens from there." 
"Thanks bud. I really needed that. I hope she likes me.. I may not know her, but I really like her." He smiled. Aw, how cute (: 
"No problem" I walked off to see what the other boys were doing, when I heard the girls say this..
"I DO NOT! WE BARELY KNOW EACH OTHER." I think Caile said that.. who were they talking about? 
"What ever you say.. but you totally have a crush on a little Irish boy named Niall.." I heard Emma say.

Oh... ;) Zayn is ALWAYS right... 

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