Love Me

When Caile moves to London and meets her idols, will she follow her heart or mind? What obstacles will get in her way? One Direction will change her life forever..



I was awakened by Emma again.. but this this she was screaming in my ear..
I couldn't contain my excitement anymore.. "OH MY GOD. WE'RE HERE?! GET ME OFF THIS PLANE N.O.W."
"that's what I was waking you up to do, you doofus. Now come on!"
We both hopped out of our seat as fast as we could and ran down the terminal. We reached the inside of the airport within 10 seconds. We didn't waste anytime, and started half jog/ half walking to the luggage carrisole. I didn't know what to think.. I was anxious, excited, tired...

We caught a cab to our apartment that Emma and I had bought together. It was rather large and very modern. (Ill post pictures later) the first thing I did when I got there, was sleep. We had already gotten our furniture put in the rooms, so I already had a bed. I pulled the covers over me and went to sleep.

Emma's POV

The apartment was amazing!! Caile went to bed but I wanted to start decorating my room. While I was hanging up my One Direction posters, Ii heard an announcement on the radio. I listened to what the man was saying. "As a lot of you may know, One Direction are staying in London for the summer. Yes, you heard correctly, the WHOLE summer." What? They were here in London? Maybe we could meet them... who am I kidding? We'd never be able to meet them. They're too famous and there's going to be so many other people trying to meet them.. our chances are very slim. I decided to stop worrying about it and go to bed. I would have to tell Caile about them being here sometime in the morning..

Caile's POV

I woke up to the light shining bright through my window. I've always loved being woken up like that. I feel well rested and ready to explore London!! I walked into Emma's bedroom and decided to wake her up in a not-so-nice way. I tip toed quietly in there and stood up on her bed. Then, I started jumping and screaming the morning song. "ITS TIME TO GET UPPPP. GET UPPPP!!!!"
"WHAT THE HECK?!" She screamed.
"Goooodmorning(:" I replied sweetly.
"Go awayyy you ugly person." She said.
"No thanks(: I was thinking that we could go to Starbucks?"
She agreed and we got dressed and headed out.. we couldn't believe our eyes as we walked into the store.. then I heard Emma say,
"oh yeah.. I forgot to tell you something.."

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