Love Me

When Caile moves to London and meets her idols, will she follow her heart or mind? What obstacles will get in her way? One Direction will change her life forever..


3. Bye bye Holmes Chapel

Today is finally the day Emma and I are leaving for London! Words can't describe how excited I am! As I was waiting for Emma to finish showering, I got onto Twitter. I got a lot of tweets from friends like, 'ill miss you!' 'Have fun!' "Meet one direction for me(;' 'I wish..' I thought to myself. I'm in love with One Direction, they're one of the reasons I'm alive. If I met them or even got a glimpse of them, I think my life would be made. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Emma coming down the stairs like a rhino. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she had on shorts and an 'I ♥ London' top, just like me.
"Are you ready, Caile? " Emma asked me.
"Oh girl, I've been ready" I replied.
After I said that, my mother and younger brother walked in. They both looked upset, but happy for me at the same time. Mom gave us the safety lecture and all that blah blah stuff, hugs, kisses, and Emma and I headed off in our Taxi to go to the airport. Emma had already said goodbye to her family, so we didn't have to stop by her house. It was a pretty long drive to the airport, so I popped in my earphones and put on the one and only, One Direction. I'm guessing Emma did the same, seeing that I could see her taping her fingers to the beat of the music. I dozed off listening to Little Thing but was awakened by an overly excited Emma. Apparently, we've made it to the airport. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super excited! I mean, who wouldn't be?! Emma and I thanked and paid the driver and made our way to security. After we got that done, we grabbed a bite to eat but then had to run to our gate.. we had gotten a little caught up in our conversation and didn't hear our plane get announced.. oopsies. But we made it there, handing in our tickets breathlessly. We found our seats and repeated the taxi scene. Emma and I were both ready for this. Our lives were only starting, and I can speak for the both of us, and say that we are extremely excited.

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