I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


21. You Snooze you loose

That fucking asshole. I swear the next time I see I'm gonna make him regret everything he's done to her. She doesn't deserve this. Hell, no one deserves this.
Louis- we need to tell someone.
Harry- I agree.
Josh- should I get Paul?
Zayn- I'll go with you.
We walked off of the bus and made our way to the other one.
Zayn- thank you for going after her.
Josh- that's what friends do for friends.
Zayn- so you guys are friends again?
Josh- ya:)
Zayn- I'm glad.
We walked on the bus and told Paul everything.
We need to do something, to get her mind off of things. Niall and I were alone in the kitchen.
Harry- Niall, we should do something, you know to get her mind off of things.
A smile spread across his face.
Niall- I know exactly what to do.
Once Zayn and josh got back we headed to where ever Niall had in mind. Before we left the bus though he grabbed a football (soccer ball).
Liam- where exactly are we going Niall.
Niall- you'll see.
I squeezed Hayleys hand and smiled at her. She mirrored me and squeezed my hand back. She's so perfect. After about ten minutes we arrived at an empty football stadium.
Zayn- Niall what are we doing?
Niall- playing football.
Louis- and how are we supposed to get in there.
Niall- well we could try helping the lightest person over the fence and they could unlock the gate.
All eyes went to Hayley.
Hayley- fine.
We lifted her up easily and I stuck my arms on the other side of the rod iron gate to catch. She went and unlocked the gate and sprinted towards the feild.
I smirked and ran after her. She was running onto the feild but I was catching up to her. Eventually I caught up to her. I lifted her up over my shoulder and took a victory lap. She was laughing. I smiled at the fact that I was making her happy.
Harry- ill always catch you.
Josh- what about teams. There's seven of us.
Niall- hmm, me, Hayley, Josh, and Liam against Harry, Louis, and Zayn.
Louis- HAZZA!
We got a few minutes to warmup so I started pretending to be bad. I'm actually pretty good at football. Josh was smirking at me. He knew my plan.
Zayn- can we start already.
Hayley- ya. But go easy on me guys. I'm not very good at this sport.
Josh- ya I've played with her a few times, she sucks.
I playfully slapped his arm and we both laughed. Just like the good old times.
Louis- you're going down.
Liam- if down means winning then yes, yes we are.
Hayley- Liam you're an awful trash talker.
We started the game and that's when I made my move. Dribbling the ball around the three boys was a piece of cake and getting it into the goal was even easier. All of the boys, but Zayn and Josh, were shocked. Our team was winning 2-1. I had the ball and was about to get past Louis, but he tripped me. I didn't hurt at all, I thought I would have a little fun though. I started fake sobbing.
Louis- oh my god. Hayley I'm so sorry are you ok?
Hayley- I don't know. I heard my ankle crack.
I eyed the ball a few feet away from me I had a clear shot to the goal. Harry and Zayn were running towards me when I got up and kicked the ball into the goal.
Louis- you tricked me!!!
Hayley- haha you snooze you loose!!
Everyone was laughing including Louis. I looked up to see a stadium gaurd running toward us.
Gaurd- what do you think you're doing.
Louis- RUN!!!
We ran as quickly as we could to the gate and ran back to the bus. All of us were sweaty and panting. After catching our breath we all burst out into a fit if laughter.
Harry- you should have seen the look on your face Liam. Hahhaha it looked like you were about to wet your pants! Haha.
Hayley- I need a shower, and so do all of you.
Louis- can we come with you?;)
Hayley- hell no.
I got into the shower and let the warm water trail down my bare back. I really love spending time with each and everyone of these boys. They can turn sad and boring situations into fun and hilarious ones. Once I got out I put on my pjs and walked out. Just as I walked out Harry pecked my cheek and walked into the bathroom. I looked around to see that the boys had formed a line.
Hayley- you guys are so weird.
I got up in my bunk and got comfy. Soon Harry joined me and we cuddled up to eachother. He fell asleep almost instantly. I could tell by the slow movement of his chest and his deep breathing. I couldn't sleep though. There was one question running through my mind. What would happen tomorrow night?
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