I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


44. What the Hell


I saw Justin eyeing Hayley. How could I not get jealous? I hope we beat him. we just won best male group and now it's best hit single between us, Justin, and The Wanted. Hayley squeezed my hand, she new how badly the boys and I wanted this. 

Announcer- The best hit single of 2012 goes to........... ONE DIRECTIONS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

We all jumped up cheering. Hayley gave me a huge hug.

Hayley- Congrats Harry!! I knew you guys could do it!

We ran up to the stage and of course Liam begun his speech. I skimmed the crowd to see a bunch of super famous people. I looked at Hayley who was smiling widely at us. Justin started scooting closer and closer to the my chair, which was next to her. Why can't he back off?! I watched as he started talking to her and her smiling but never taking her eyes off of us. 

Liam- Right Harry?

Harry- Uhhh what?

The crowd started laughing.

Liam- Sorry about Harry. He can't take his eyes off of his girlfriend.

Announcer- Let's give them one more round of applause. Great job boys.

I fast walked back to my seat.

Harry- Umm you're in my seat.

Justin- Oh, sorry man, just talking to Hayley.

Harry- Can I have it back?

Justin- Oh ya. Sorry.

He stood up and I gave him an unpleasant face.

The show went on. Justin won one award and we won four so ha ha. 


Hayley- Hey Harry, I'm going to go to the bathroom. I'll meet you at the door. 

Harry- Alright babe. Do you want me to come with you?

Hayley- Nah, I'm fine.

I walked to the bathroom, but I felt as if someone was following me. I turned around and saw Justin behind me.

Hayley- Hey Justin!

Justin- Hey Hayley, is Harry around.

Hayley- Uhh no?

Justin- Good.

He leaned and kissed me. I pushed him off angry.


Justin- Harry doesn't have to know.

He leaned in again and I tried pushing him off of me but he was too strong.


I was walking towards the doors when I realized how badly I had to pee. I maneuvered my way around the crowd and turned the corner to the bathroom.


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