I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


31. Universal Studios

After about ten minutes we arrived at the gate entrance.
He was running around like a little kid in a candy store. We got our tickets and went in.
Zayn- lets start in the Harry Potter section.
Josh- yaa. I hear the castle is a sick ride.
We walked to the Harry Potter part of the amusement park. I must say they did a fantastic job. The line was so long but finally we got on the ride. It was four per car. It was Harry, me, Josh, and Niall. It was an awesome ride, no big drops though. Once we got of we stood there thinking of what we should do next.
Liam- lets go on that roller coaster.
It wasn't a big one so Harry didn't get too nervous. I held his hand the whole time. After we were done with the Harry Potter part we had time for one more ride.
Niall- lets go on the Hulk.
I looked up at it, I was a little nervous myself. I turned to Harry to see his face flushed and a scared look on his face.
Hayley- it's alright baby:)
Harry- make sure to hold my hand no matter what.
Hayley- ok:)
We got buckled in and I grabbed Harry's hand. I tried my best not to laugh at his face but it was pretty hard. All of the sudden we shot off. Harry was screaming like a girl. In fact he was the only one screaming everyone else was laughing at him. Once we got up he looked a little off.
Harry- I feel dizzy.
He started wobbling around.
Liam- maybe you should sit down.
Hayley- ya ill go get you some food and water.
I went to buy the stuff when I was stopped by fans.
Fan 1- oh my god Ewww it's Harry's girlfriend.
I just ignored them and kept walking.
Fan 2- how are her and Zayn even related?
Hayley- could you stop please?
Fan 3- how about you stop breathing. That would please everyone.
Hayley- I'm sorry but I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better comeback then that.
I walked away pleased with what I said.
Josh- alphabet soup? Nice.
Hayley- uggghh you heard?
Josh- I saw them talking to you so I came just to make sure they weren't being mean.
Hayley- thanks Joshy.
Josh- are you ok? They said some pretty bad things.
Hayley- I'm fine.
No I'm not not at all. What they said hurts. We walked back and I have Harry his food and water.
Harry- thanks babe.
Hayley- no problem:)
I can't get what those girls said out of my head. Maybe they're right.
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