I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


23. twittah:)


He's gotten in her head. She needs to show him that she's not afraid. Maybe if he sees that he'll back off. She can't look weak, That only fuels him.


I fell asleep feeling safe in Harry's embrace. I didn't have any dreams this time. Its better then another nightmare. I woke up on top of Harry. How did I get on top of him? I started to roll back to my side but he tightened his grip and smiled opening his eyes.

Hayley- Good morning Hazza.

Harry- Good morning love. Do I get a good morning kiss?

I smiled and kissed him passionately for a few minutes before pulling away. 

Hayley- How exactly did I get in this position?

He smiled and started laughing.

Harry- I got cold.

He's such an idiot, but I love him.

Hayley- Are you warm now?

Harry- I am warm now.

Hayley- good:)

I leaned down and kissed him again. I slipped out of the bunk quickly leaving him confused.

Harry- No fair!!

I laughed and walked into the kitchen. Wow it was already 1:30. I guess its lunchtime. I decided to make a sandwich for Harry and I. I was putting it together when Harry came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck. 

Hayley- You hungry?

Harry- very.

We took our food and watched tv while we ate. We were watching the local news when the boys popped up reminding us that we had a concert tonight.

Harry- We should probably get dressed. Zayn just texted me asking where we were.

We got ready in record breaking time and caught a cab to take us to the arena. We got there and Zayn rushed over to me and gave me a huge hug.

Zayn- I was so worried about you. I thought that Trent had found you both.

Hayley- We're fine Zayn. We slept in cause no one woke us up.

Zayn- Are you accusing me of something?:)

Hayley- Yes, yes I am.

We both started laughing. Paul walked in with a serious expression.

Paul- We've got extra guards and Josh is going to be sitting with Hayley during the concert.

Zayn- Thank you.

Paul- No problem. You guys should go and get ready.

We all went to our dressing rooms, well Harry and I share one. 

Harry- I'm going to grab a water real quickly. Do you want anything?

Hayley- A water please!!

He walked out and I decided it was a good time to change in peace I was only in my undergarments when Harry walked back in.


He smirked eyeing me up and down.

Harry- what, I'm not allowed to see my girlfriend like this?

Hayley- nope.:)

He set the waters down and had an evil grin on his face. My clothes were on the chair infront of him. I knew exactly what he was planning. 

Hayley- Harry, don't you dare.

He locked the door, took my clothes and started running around the dressing room. I started chasing him. We were both giggling the whole time. I was right behind him when he tripped over a chair causing me to fall on top of him. 


God she's sexy. I had her exactly where I wanted her. She closed her eyes and kissed me. I licked her lips asking for entrance which she did not grant. I move my lips down to her neck causing her to moan. I quickly went back up to her mouth and began exploring it with my tongue. My hands made their way up her back and to her bra. She grabbed my hand and pulled away.

Harry- Is everything ok?

Hayley- Ya but we only have an hour til the concert and Zayn's room is right next to us.

Harry- you're right. 

She got off of me and I handed her, her clothes. She pecked my lips and put them on real quickly. We had 20 minutes to kill.

Harry- Do you have a twitter?

Hayley- no, why?

Harry- I'm gonna make you one. Let me see your phone.

Hayley- umm ok:)

I created a twitter for her. Her profile picture was us sitting by the fire. 

Harry- hmmm what should your username be? How about IloveHazza?

Hayley- how about H&H.

Harry- I like that but that can be your bio you should have your name.

We ended up choosing Little_Malik. I tweeted 'nothing better than hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend @Little_Malik'.


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