I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


6. The concert

I'm all set sitting behind the drum set overlooking tens of thousands of people. I can't believe all of these people are here just to see five boys, one of which is my big brother. Wow I'm so proud of him. Well it's showtime. We started the music for the first song and after that I wasn't nervous at all. I was having fun! In between each song the one of the boys would speak for a little bit. This time it was Zayn's turn and he said:
Zayn- many of you don't know this but earlier today our drummer, Josh, had a little bit of an accident and injured his hand. We had to find a replacement and we did last minute. She just so happens to be my younger sister, Hayley Malik. Everyone lets give Hayley a round of applause for filling in and so far nailing it!!
Everyone started clapping. A tingly sensation came over me thinking that all of this clapping was for me. I smiled and waved my drumstick in the air and then begun the next song. Before the last song of the night Harry spoke.
Harry- Bradford you are absolutely incredible! We would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you for coming out tonight. Like Zayn said earlier Hayley not only nailed it, she smashed it. I couldn't even tell a difference between her a josh. Hayley you're awesome.
He winked at me and I blushed. I saw Zayn giving Harry the death glare so o started the song before he could tell Harry anything.
The concert ended and I felt pretty good about my performance.
Paul- Hayley you did great how would you feel about going on the American tour with us and play until Josh's hand heals?
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