I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


15. Rehearsals

I woke up the next morning ecstatic. There was a knock on my door and I opened it to see a very scared Niall.
Hayley- Niall, what's wrong?
Niall- there's no food in anyone's fridge.
I laughed and said;
Hayley- how about we go out. I hear there's a place called Ihop somewhere near here.
Niall- ok!!! Oh and by the way. Harry won't stop talking about you!
He ran out the door and I went up to take shower. It was a little cold today so I wore a gray sweatshirt that was a pretty big on me with some leggings, boots, and a gray beanie. I walked over to Harry's room to find everyone there waiting for me. When Harry saw me his eyes lit up and he walked up to me wrapping his hands around my waist and kissing me gently. The boys started whistling and howling at us.
Niall- this is cute and all but I am about to die of starvation.
Liam- lets walk there.
Zayn- that's a good idea. We can look around the city before we go to rehearsals.
We left the hotel and started walking. I felt like someone was watching Harry and I walk hand n hand. I looked behind me and then up, Josh was looking down at us from the roof with a look of pure hatred. I shook it off. Josh can go to hell for all I care.
Everyone started laughing and Louis was jumping around trying to catch "Kevin". He was making a fool out of himself, typical Louis. We walked into the restraunt and people started screaming and hyperventilating. All of the younger girls and a few my age swarmed us. I felt really claustrophobic so I let go of Harry's hand and tried getting away from everyone. The waitress took me to out table and I sat there and waited for the boys to come back.
Harry- sorry about that babe.
Hayley- it's alright. :)
We ate breakfast quickly because people would not leave us alone. When we finally made our way out Liam called a cab that took us to the arena. We walked through the back and Paul was waiting for us.
Paul- welcome to America boys and Hayley. Lets get on the stage and start rehearsing. The bands already here.
We did as Paul said and the boys got situated. Paul called me over.
Paul- josh requested that he stands up there with you for right now just to five you pointers.
Hayley- that wont be necessary.
Paul- no no, he insists.
Paul walked away and I went back to the drum set. Josh was standing there waiting for me. Harry was looking up at us and I mouthed "it's ok" to him. He nodded and I say down without acknowledging josh. The boys were good to go but Paul said I needed to work with Josh for a few more minutes. They tired to convince Paul to let them stay but that didn't work. I turned to Josh to see him smirking at me.
Hayley- you happy now?
Josh- thrilled.
Hayley- well, stop wasting time and tell me what I was doing wrong.
Josh- you weren't doing anything wrong.
Hayley- then why did Paul make me stay here?
Josh- cause I told him too. We need to talk.
Hayley- if you're gonna yell at me again I'd rather not.
I stood up to walk away but he pushed my shoulders down making me sit again.
Josh- why?
Hayley- why what?
Josh- why Harry? Why the guy you've known for a week over the guy you've known for years? Why not me?
Hayley- he's not pushy, or forceful, and he doesn't yell at me. You know josh you've changed a lot.
Josh- I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I kissed you, I'm sorry that I yelled at you, and most of all I'm sorry that I made you hate me.
I looked at him in the eyes. When we were friends he would get a look in his that told me he truly was sorry. That look wasn't there. I stood up, pushed him aside, started walking away, and said;
Hayley- no you're not.
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