I prefer being the drummer

What happens when One Directions drummer Josh Devine gets injured right before a show and someone has to fill in? Well that person just so happens to be Zayn Malik's little sister. Will there be some romance? Definitely. Will there be drama? For sure. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens to Hayley Malik. WATCH THE TRAILER!!Plz


36. Fire


The gun went off and there was a thud of something coming in contact with the floor.

I looked to my left to see the lamp falling from the desk and shattering on the floor. That dumb ass has awful aim. His evil smirk faded and the boys ran towards him. He jumped over the couch and ran over to where I was. I pretended to be tied up still. He got to me and pointed the gun at me. The boys stopped in their tracks and stared at Trent.

Trent- You will do as I say or else I blow her brains out. NOW SIT DOWN!

The boys did as he said sitting on the ground while I was shaking with fear. 

Trent- Don't move or this will happen.

Trent stepped on the knife that was plunged in my leg sending pain throughout my body. I tried to hold in my screams but I couldn't. I calmed down and looked up at Harry, he looked so worried, and then Zayn, he was crying. Trent blocked my view of the boys. He was tying them up.

Hayley- pll...please don't h..hurt th....the...them.

Trent- Hurting them only hurts you more so I'll have to say no on this one.

He got up grabbing his gun pointing it at Harry and looking at me with a crazy smile. He turned back, I needed to save him. I pulled the knife out of my leg wincing at the pain. I don't know how but I made no noise. A wave of adrenaline hit me as I stood up and walked over to Trent ignoring the fire building up in my leg. The boys looked up at me with wide eyes. I stabbed the knife through Trents leg just like how he did with me. He fell to the ground yelping at the pain.

Hayley- Doesn't feel good does it asshole.

I applied my weight to the knife and he shuddered in pain. Soon Niall and Louis were by my side. I looked at them with confused. They had cut themselves free, smart. I turned around to help the others when I was pulled to the ground. Trent had pulled me down causing the fire in my leg to grow. I groaned and tried to crawl away but he grabbed my bad leg. I started crying as Louis and Niall jumped on top of him making Trent curl his fingers. I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. I looked back just as Louis slammed Trents head on the ground, finally he passed out. I crawled to the wall leaning my back against it. Soon all five of the boys were by my side. Harry holding my hand and kissing my head, Liam trying to stop the bleeding, Zayn saying how happy he was that he found me, Louis and Niall watching Trent to make sure he wasn't gonna sneak up on us. I was so overwhelmed.

Liam- We should call an ambulance.


Zayn- Hayley you gotta go to the hospital-

Hayley- no!

Harry- I'll call Paul then.

I don't know why I didn't want to go to the hospital, maybe I was going crazy or something. Thirty minutes later Paul arrived with the cops who took Trent away. Hopefully for good this time. Paul came over examining my leg. 

Paul- She needs to go to the hospital.

Hayley- Please no...

Paul handed me a pill.

Take this it will make you feel better. A few minutes after I took it I felt drowsiness overcoming me.

Hayley- Did you drug me?

Paul- We need to get you to the hospital and I don't need you fighting us.

All I saw was darkness, nothing else, just darkness.

AN: Do you ship Haylor?? I don't think I do. Whose your fav though- Elounor, Zerrie, Payzer, Haylor, or Nood (Niall+Food).

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