Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


9. Voice of an angel

Kris' POV:
*rubbing my eyes* as i look at the clock it was 7:00am and i know my parents are at work so its only me and harry in the house. I looked at harry's innocent and very handsome face, i kissed his cheeks while he was sleeping and i got up and proceeded to go take a shower. 
Harry's POV: 
I woke up hearing a beautiful voice. I found out it was coming from the bathroom. I listened as she was singing halo by beyonce. I sat near the washroom door just to let her finish the song. The doot opened and my mouth opened wide. "KRIS!? THAT WAS YOU SINGING?!" i said while freaking out. I stood up and grabbed her hands. "Yes why?" she replied. "YOU SOUNDED LIKE AN ANGEL!, you have to come audition with me at the xfactor later!" i told her as i hugged her tightly. "really? But what if the judges dont like me?" she asked. "Dont think like that babe! You're so amazing." i told her.
Kris' POV: 
"well its settled then. We're auditioning for the xfactor!" i told him and gave him a passionate kiss. "come on lets eat breakfast and head down there!" he replied. *As we were eating* "so what song are you gonna do?" i asked. "Im thinking of doing isnt she lovely what about you love?" he asked. "i dont know since SOMEONE just recently forced me to audition" i said sarcastically. We both laughed and tried to finish our breakfast. "I KNOW WHAT TO SING!!!!" i said excitedly. "what?" harry replied while laughing. "im gonna sing just the way you are by bruno mars but im gonna do the girl version" i replied. 
Harry's POV:
"thats great! But we better get ready!" i replied while cleaning up the plates. "okay love" she replied as she got up. She was just so beautiful even though she just woke up and without any make up on. As she was washing the dishes we use i hugged her from behind, my hands on her waist and he hands grabbed my hair. I put her on top of the kitchen counter and he legs were wrapped around my waist. We started kissing passionately and i felt her legs and they were so soft. She then started kissing my neck and it felt so right. 
Kris' POV:
I then stopped kissing his neck. "OMG IM SO SORRY!" i told him. "why?" he asked. "umm...i just gave you a hickey." i said while laughing. "oh its okay love" he said. "okay but we really need to get ready." i replied. "one last kiss?" he asked while doing the puppy dog pout. I leaned in and kissed him again and them he proceeded to carry me to my bedroom. "there you go babe." he said as he put me down. "thank you! And you should get ready now seriously!" i said as i pushed him out of my bedroom so he could go home and change. 
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