Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


10. That bitch!

Harry's POV:
We got in my car and we went to the place of the auditions. There were alot of people waiting in line. I held kris' hand most of the time but i had to let go because of registrations. "fill up your information here guys." the lady said while handing me and kris a clipboard. Me and kris sat down at the chairs. "im so scared harry." kris said as she looked at me with worrying eyes. "its gonna be alright i believe in you babe." i said and gave her a peck on the lips. 
Kris' POV:
We submitted our registration and we waited for so many hours. Finally one of the people organizing the audioners showed up. "Harry styles? The judges will see you now" the lady said. "yes! Im right here!" harry excitedly stood up. "goodluck babe! I love you!" i gave him a quick kiss. "i love you too!" he said as he ran. The people auditioning can watch the auditions thru a tv in the room. I watched as harry stood on stage introducing himself. I was so proud of him. I just love him so much. I never really heard harry sing but as he started singing i was blown away by how beautiful his voice sounds! Girls were screaming and it was cute but i got worried what if those girls steal him away from me? The judges really liked him and when they said hes goin through i stood up the chair yelling "YOU GO HARRY!!!" and the people started staring at me like im a crazy person. I then sat down blushing of embarrassment.
Harry's POV: 
"That was the most exciting thing ever!" i thought to myself as i looked for kris in the room. "harry!!" she yelled. "kris!!!" i yelled back and ran up to her and picked her up and kissed her. "i am so happy for you harry!" she said as i put her down. "thank you im just so happy right now!" i told her as we sat down. *watching the other auditions* "they're so good harry i can never compete with people as good as them" kris said as she bowed her head in sadness. "dont think like that kris! You'll be amazing!" i told her as put my hands on her cheeks and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Kris Austins?" the lady said. "yes! Thats me!" kris replied. "goodluck babe!" i yelled as she grabbed the mic and went on stage. I saw on the tv as she went on stage. She looked so amazing with her floral summer dress on. She then started singing and it just sounded so fucking amazing. Her voice is the kind of voice id want to wake up to. Then i noticed a blonde haired girl looking at me. She smiled and waved at me. She went closer and sat on kris' seat. "hey there handsome, my names delaney." she said. "umm..hi." i said. "is that your girl singing?" she asked. "yes she is!" i said proudly. "boy you can do better than that." she said as she winked at me. 
Kris' POV:
I cant believe that just happened. "kris right?" simon asked me. "yes!" i said with a smile. "you are just SO amazing!" he replied with a smile. " thank you so much!" i said as i was holding back my tears of joy. As they talked to eachother moments after they all voted for me to go through. I was so excited that i just ran to go see harry. As i entered the room were harry is waiting for me i saw a girl sitting beside him. She was trying to hold harry's hand but harry didnt seem to like it. I went up to them, "OH HELL NAAAW BITCH!" i said as she stood up. "what are you gonna do about it? Obviously your boyfriend deserves a better looking girl like me." the girl replied. "SHUT UP YOU BITCH I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU!" harry shouted. "babe i'll take care of this." i told harry so he can calm down. "oh how are you gonna take care of this?" the girl asked. "by doing this!" i said as punched her straight on the nose. She fainted and everyone clapped as i punched her. Her other blonde haired friend helped her up. Her friend apologized to us and then sat her down to another seat. "goodjob babe!" harry said as he hugged me. "i'll take you somewhere special tonight to celebrate." he said as we walked out of the place to go to his car. "okay i cant wait!!" i told him as i jumped on his back so he can give me a piggy back ride. I then kissed his cheek and he smiled and i felt his dimples on my lips. Everything is just so perfect right now. But i wonder where were going later? 
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