Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


11. I'll wait

Harry's POV:
"I hope she's gonna like where im taking her." i thought to myself. "SO? Where are we going?" She asked. "somewhere" i replied as i winked at her. We got in my car and i drove off. "harry i thought we were going somewhere? Why are we at my house?" she asked me. "this is the special place i wanted to take you. This was where i first saw you unpacking those boxes. That was the best day of my life because i got the chance to meet you." i told her as i held her hands.we got out of the car and just stood there. "oh harry! I just love you so much!" she said as she hugged tightly. She began to cry so i put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her. I kissed her soft lips and i just wanted this to last forever. My hands went down to her waist and i grabbed her bum and they felt so soft. 
Kris' POV:
I could feel him smile in between our long-lasting kiss. I could also feel the dimples on his cheeks as i had my hands on his soft handsome face. I felt the cold breeze of the night wind on my back. "its getting a little chilly" i said. "wanna go back to my place? My mom is out of town." harry said as he had his hand back to my waist. "okay!" i said excitedly. I jumped on his back because i really like it when he gives me piggyback rides. We got to his house and we decided what to do. "how bout lets watch a movie!?" harry said as we flopped onto his couch. "okay what movie?" i asked him. "how bout the grudge?" he asked. "umm..okay but..i get scared easily." i told him. "its okay love i'm here to protect you. Throughout the movie i just held harry so tightly and i just hid my face on his chest. It wasnt that bad because i could feel harry's heart beat fast whenever i hug him tighter. And his warmth was really calming. This was just the best day ever.
Harry's POV:
Shes so cute! I love how she hides her face on my chest. "kris you look like a little girl when you do that! Its so cute!" i told her. "what? No!!! Why?" she said as she blushed. I kissed her forehead as we continued to watch the movie. "i love you so much kris." i told her. "i love you too harry." she said. "i just love knowing that you love me, it makes me feel important." i told her. "well you are important!" she told me as she gave me a peck on the cheek. The movie was done so i turned off the tv. "so...." kris said. We both smiled and i leaned in and kissed her. We started making out on the couch and it really turned me on. While i was sitting she went on top of me she continued kissing and i grabbed her bum and pulled her closer to me. I got up and carried her with me. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and my hands were on her bum so i can carry her. I carried her to my room and i layed her down on my bed.
He took of his pants and his shirt and i took off my dress. We continued to make out on his bed. He was on top of me and he was dry humping me so intensely. I couldnt help but moan. My undies were wet because i was really turned on. He then went down to kiss my tummy and he removed my panties and started eating me out. "you're really wet down here." he said. As he sucked on my clit it just felt like the most amazing experience ever. My hands grabbed him curly hair and his head was in between my legs. "OH HARRY!" i moaned out. It just felt so good. He went back up to me and he removed his boxers. "can i?" he asked. " not yet babe. Another time okay?" i said. "okay love." he said. We continued to make out on his bed and he was humping me so hard. I can feel his boner poking me on my tummy as he was on top of me. We were both naked on his bed and it was 11 pm. We then stopped because we were exhausted. We pulled his blankets up and we cuddled. My head was on his chest and i could just feel his heart beat so fast. "that was amazing kris." harry said with his cheeky smile. "you're welcome." i jokingly said. We both laughed and we decided to sleep. It was a very chilly night but our bodies kept eachother warm. "kris?" harry asked. "yes?" i replied. "i'll wait 'til youre ready dont worry." he said. "thank you harry" i replied. He kissed me on the forehead and we doze off. 
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