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Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


15. I promise

Kris' POV:
Me and harry got home and packed up all our nice clothes and shoes. Im so happy i got to the judges houses and it will be such a blast because i get to compete with my future friends. "goodluck hun." my mom told me as she hugged me so tightly. "im so proud of you kris." my dad said i he started to tear up a little. I hugged him goodbye "dad im not going off to college dont worry" i told him as we both laughed. Harry picked me up and then we went off.

Harry's POV:
"kris whatever happens i'll always love you." i told kris as we got to the judges' house. " i'll always love you as well harry." she replied. All 4 groups were there. One group consisted of 4 girls and thats kris' group the other group consisted of 3 girls and thats stupid delaney's group. The other group had 3 guys on it and then theres my group which consisted of 5 guys. Liam, niall, zayn, louis and me. We were all waiting who our mentor was going to be. Everyone was silent and the doors slided and it was simon! We all hugged him and then sat down to do his introduction. 

Shannen's POV: 
After simon's intro all the people just chilled so they could get to know eachother. "so what to we name our group?" paige asked. " bout the pink panthers?" tammy said as she laughed. "no that sounds like a strip club name!" kris said while laughing. I looked over at harry's group and i saw as him and that guy louis were getting along pretty well but i noticed that niall was already staring at me and when he realized that i looked at him he stared away. I looked away and i blushed. "ooooh someones red." kris whispered as she winked at me. "is it that noticable!?" i asked. "no i just saw you looking at niall." she replied. "how bout the supergirls?" paige asked. "umm comment." kris replied with a laugh. "guys how bout trinity 4?" i asked. "OMG YES!" kris said. "THATS AN AMAZING NAME!" tammy added. "well it's settled we're the trinity4! 

Niall's POV: 
"I cant believe she saw me looking at her! Shes just so....breathtaking!" i said to myself. "niall do you have any ideas for the band name? "LETS NAME OUR GROUP NIALL AND THE POTATOES!" i said instantly because my mind was somewhere else. They all laughed and i laughed along. "how about one direction?" harry asked. "yeah thats a really cool name." zayn said. "all agree?" liam asked. "YEP!" louis said. "OKAY! From now on we shall be called one direction!" i said with a laugh 

Harry's POV:
At the end of the day at sat on the deck outside with kris. They were lawn chairs so me and kris fitted in one chair. "so how was your day? " she asked. "it was good what about you love?" i asked. "same i really love everything thats been happening right now." she replied. "me too kris, i just love you so much." i said as i kissed her on the lips. "i love you too harry." we continue to sit on the deck as we watched the sun set.

Delaney's POV:
"I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE HARRY WOULD CHOOSE SUCH AN UGLY BITCH TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! I need a plan! What do i do? I need to find a way for them to break up! But how?" i said to myself. Suddenly i saw this guy looking outside the window. He seems like hes looking at kris and harry i aproached him. "hey what are you looking at?" i asked. "oh umm..nothing" he said. He looked kind of upset. "whats your name?" i asked. "liam what about you?" he asked. " whats wrong?" i asked. "well promise you wont tell anyone?" he asked. "i promise." i said. "well to be honest when i saw kris audition i fell in love with her instantly but i didnt know she had a boyfriend and yeah.." he replied. "see that guy shes with? Well i really want him but thats the problem, kris is with him." i replied. "yeah i guess theyre just meant for eachother." liam said. "NO! DONT SAY THAT! You know what i have a plan." i told liam. "whats this plan of yours?" he asked. "we need to find a way to make kris and harry break up. Are you in?" i asked. "but..i cant do that..harry's in my group." liam said. "fine them i guess youll never have kris.." i said i started to walk away. "WAIT! Fine i'll do it." he said with a low voice.
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