Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


6. Hospitals and wheelchairs

Harry's POV:
"what kris? Just sat it please." i said to her while holding her in my arms. "i think im falling for you." she said as she gave me another kiss. The kiss was so passionate and it kept getting more intense in every kiss but we then stopped because we knew we were in the hospital. "when can i go home?" she asked. "i dont know want me to go ask?"  i replied. "yes please" she said with her beautiful smile. I then kissed her on the forehead and left the room.
Kris' POV: 
"I guess thats it. Im falling for him." i thought to myself as i tried to sit up the bed. Harry then walked back to the room. "the doctor said you can go home today after they run a few tests." he said as he sat beside me. "thank gosh. I think a 3 day sleep is enough for me" i said as we both giggled. "im auditioning tomorrow you know?" harry said as he held my hand. "im happy for you harry and i'll come with you tomorrow i promise." i replied. "NO NO NO! YOU HAVE TO REST! I dont want you to wait several hours with me!" harry said looked me straight in the eye. "but harry! I want to come with you or else.."  i said with a smirk. "or else what?" harry asked with a smile. "OR ELSE..TICKLE FIGHT!" i yelled as i tickled him several times. We then stopped and he finally agreed to let me go. We were in the hospital the whole day watching spongebob on the tv in my room and cuddling on my bed. 
Harry's POV:
*the doctor walks in* "you can finally go home now sweetie" the doctor said as  me and kris sat up the bed. They brought in a wheel chair for kris and i carried her to the wheelchair. "you know i can walk?" she said as she giggled while her arms where on my chest. "i know but i just wanna carry you babe." i replied with a wink. We got out of the hospital and we drove home with her parents. As we got to the house i said my goodbyes and headed home. "wait harry." she said. "yes dear?" i replied. "can you stay the night?" she said as she kissed my lips. "well now i want to" i said while biting my lips. We then headed to her bedroom and from this point we both knew what was going to happen.... 
Kris' POV:
Am i ready for this?....
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