Maybe you're the one

Your typical teenage girl named Kris moves to a new house and starts to develop feelings with the boy who lives across the street from her, Harry. She later on finds out Harry is auditioning for the x factor and there his career began as he was put in a group called one direction. Can they maintain their relationship while Harry begins his journey with fame?


8. Goodnight

Harry's POV:
We proceeded to go to her bedroom and we turned of the lights as we lay on her bed. We just cuddled and talked about our lives. "i wish this moment would never end" i quietly whispered to her ear as her head was laying on her chest. "me too, i just wish it was like this everyday." kris replied. We then kissed and it was a very passionate kiss. It got more intense and she was on top of me. I grabbed her bum and moved her closer to me. She took of her pajama shorts and i took of my shirt. We made out a little more but then she stopped.
Kris' POV: 
"i think thats how far as we go." i told him. "alright babe, and if we did do it tonight you wouldnt be able to handle it because of your injuries." he said while giving me a wink. "HA HA very funny." i chuckled. "i love you kris." he said "i love you too but.." i replied "but what?" harry said. "its just im still a virgin and im not ready to lose it." i told him. "its okay love, you know i love you so much that i'd wait for you." he replied. "thank you harry." i said. "no kris, thank you." he replied. "for what?" i asked. "for everything." he said. "we better get some sleep! You have your x factor auditions tomorrow" i told him. "okay goodnight krissy." he replied. "goodnight love." 
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