I Always Loved You

Arielle Taylor never really liked going to her lake house with her parents. She always found it quite boring there. One day she was just in her bathing suit letting the sun rays beam over her when a guy ran right past her, jumping onto the dock, and diving into the water. Who was that? She thought.


1. Going To The Lake House

     Arielle slammed open the door to her parents lake house, and dropped her heavy bags onto the floor. It's just how I remember it when we came ....... last year. Arielle said sarcastically. Arielle never liked coming to her lake house because it was always boring. Well, she said with a sigh, I am going up to my room. bye! She said quickly trying to avoid helping her mom and dad unpack. Ugh! That girl! Her mom scolded. She went up to her room and looked at her picture frame she always left there. Not one happy memory was in that frame because she would just sit on the couch and read Harry Potter while watching TV. She flopped onto her bed that flew out dust when she decided that she was just going to take a nap. Her '"nap" turned into her sleep and, she woke up the next morning. She struggled while getting up because she was still a little tired. She saw that her room was filled with her furniture and her five full bags were unpacked and folded neatly into her drawers and closet.She got out her bathing suit and put it on because she wanted to go lay in the sun. She went into her bathroom and was shocked at her frizzy hair. She brushed it out and put her red long hair into a messy bun. Then she grabbed her sunglasses and flip flops and headed out.

     She was laying in her sun chair letting the sun rays beam on her skin when this guy came running out from behind her, jumping onto the dock, and dived in. Who is that? She thought. He came out of the water with it dripping down his six-pack, and Arielle bit her lip. The guy had flippy brown hair with a tan hot body which was so different from Arielle's pale white skin and long red hair that went down her spine. She tries to go back to her Seventeen Magazine when she was interrupted by a deep sounding voice. Hi I'm Liam. He said with a hot British accent. Oh hey I'm Arielle. She said nervously. Well that's a pretty name. Liam answered. Thanksss. Arielle carried on her S's. So how long are you staying here? He asked. Two weeks. Arielle replied. Oh really me too. He said excitedly. Well maybe we could hang out sometime. Arielle smiled. How about right now! He exclaimed. He pulled her out of her chair making her drop her magazine. Oh my gosh you freakin scared me I thought you were gonna break my arm! She laughed. Well come on!They ran up on the dock. No way am I swimming in there! Arielle exclaimed. Oh yes you are! He holds onto her hand tightly, and pulls her into the water while he jumped in. After that day they became the bestest friends EVER! She finally had something to fill into her picture frame. She thought that everything was perfect there, and she couldn't wait to come back until a week later something happens. They might actually never see each other ever again!


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