Summer Love

Liam Payne was a normal teenager, he lived with his mum. He knew there was something missing, friends and money made him believe he had it all. What he never expected was falling madly in love with the girl next door at his vacations... Will she love him as much as he do? Will they be together? Will this summer last forever?


3. The party

Liam stood there, knocked the door, but no one answered. Ofcourse no one would, with that loud music anybody would listen. So he decided to enter. He opened the door, the place was crowded, how was he supposed to find the girl? Liam walked to the other side of the house, searching for that beautiful girl, he certainly wasn't used to parties with this amount of people.

"What do I do now?" he questioned himself. Suddenly a very familiar voice sounded "Hello Liam! Over here!" said. It was Hallie, she was standing from the sofa and trying to reach Liam by been push by the people. They finally met eachother. "I thought you wouldn't come" her sweet lips said. "Well I did" he replied with rather a nervous grin, "Glad you did, now come, let's drink something" she said while grabbing his hand and going with him to the kitchen.

Once there, she poured a liquor in both glasses and said "Here, drink", "Thanks" he replied. They finished, "Now let's go and dance a little, we are gonna have fun tonight!" Hallie said, once more, she grabbed Liam's hand and lead him to the dance floor. There, she pushed a some people so they were both able to move. A girl passed by and Hallie took her drink, another one, and for what Liam could see, it seemed like whiskey. She drank it all really quick, but surprisenly didn't look drunk.

"Okay babe, here we go" She said, while the song that was playing at the moment suddenly turned into a slow one. She came closer to him, put his hands on her waist and hers on his shoulders. Liam was wearing a shirt, but still could feel a pair of soft hands on him, the softer hands he has ever felt. Then, she lay her head on Liam's shoulder, he could feel now her perfume too, it was a floral one, he could say it was just like her personality, cute and sweet, a little sassy maybe, but in the most innocent way. As he thought about all this, the song ended, no more songs were played, but both were still dancing, she never left his shoulder, and he never left her waist. It was probably the most beautiful moment any of them could have ever felt.

Eventually they had to stop, before Hallie steps away, she wishpered on Liam's ear "Come babe", and took his hand, leading him to the kitchen again. She poured more liquor into two glasses again, handing one to Liam, "No, thanks" he said, not accepting the glass, he thought it wasn't healthy drinking too much, and so she did a 'non-caring' expression and drank both. Then she lit a cigarette and started smoking while talking to Liam.

- So did you move?

- No, I'm just staying here for vacations

- Oh I see... I live here, did you see my house? I think is next to yours right?

- Yes

- Then you are welcome to come anytime babe

- Thanks - he said with a grin on his face, he was happy for havig this conversation but felt a little uncomfortable with the young lady smoking in front of him. He knows smoking is not good for someone's health and he hated seeing such a sweet girl hurting herself like that.

He just couldn't believe one thing, how could those gorgeous green eyes, that beautiful curled hair, that shiny smile still look as perfect as always even when she was doing such a thing as smoking? She definetly had a kind of power, she had hypnotized Liam.

After she finished, Liam could notice that now she did look drunk. He convinced her to go home, clearly he would take her, she wasn't much able to walk alone. He took her by her shoulders, so she would be safter, it was a little windy outside, so took off his jacket and put it to her. They finally arrived to Hallie's house. She opened the door and thank Liam for bringing her, but she was still dizzie. He clearly didn't want her to get hurt, so lead her to her bedrrom, made her go under her sheets, "Okay, now I'll go, goodnight Hallie" he said, "Thank you so much Liam... but stay here" she said, then she grabbed Liam's hand and intended pulling him to the bed with her... ofcourse she was still drunk...

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