Summer Love

Liam Payne was a normal teenager, he lived with his mum. He knew there was something missing, friends and money made him believe he had it all. What he never expected was falling madly in love with the girl next door at his vacations... Will she love him as much as he do? Will they be together? Will this summer last forever?


2. The girl he just met

"Hello... I'm... Hallie and you are?"

Suddenly Liam realizes he has been staring at the girl for a while, "Hummm... Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Liam, Liam Payne, nice to meet you"

"Hahahaha you are funny boy... I heard you said something about a party?"

"Yeah well... probably one I'm not able to go"

"Hey why don't you come to the party a guy is doing tonight, do you know where the spring is? His house is near there"

"Thanks for the invitation"

"You are welcome" she smiled, her smile was as shining as the sun, better said, the sun was almost as shining as her smile. "Well see you tonight Liam, Liam Payne, haha"

"B-bye" Liam replied while the girl left, she entered the house near there, he realized it was the house next door, though it took some minutes to get there. Liam was happy, he found a nice girl which will probably spend the summer with him.

He started walking home, "Hallie, nice name huh?" said thinking to himself. "You can count on me like 1, 2, 3, I'll be there, and I know..." His phone started to ring.


-Hey bro! It's Niall, sorry but Dan throwed some water to my cellphone and now is fixed hahahaha


-So is it that horrible the place?

-No, in fact I kinda like it, ya know one gets use to it

-So quick huh? Well, tonight Sandra is giving a party at her place...

-Yeah, doesn't matter Nialler, you can go haha

-Yess!! Sorry you can't bro

-First you don't need to ask for my permission but thanks, and second who says I'm not having a party? Tonight I'm going to one here.

-Wow! Great mate! Have fun

-You too

-Okay now I'll go to change, talk to you tomorrow

-Sure bro, bye, take care and don't drink much

-Yes daddy :P hahaha bye

Then Liam arrived home, he saw a paper with his mom handwritting: "I'll come home later, I went shopping, sorry son, but have fun, go out and explore the place, maybe tomorrow you can come with me, and don't arrive too late, love you lots, mom." it said.

So Liam went upstairs, he had a bath, relaxed a little, changed many clothes cause he wanted to look as handsome as possible for this girl, she was so beautiful, he also wanted to impress her. He put on some cologne on, and that was it, he was ready. He still had one hour to go so he thought of turning on his laptop for a minute. He went on facebook and couldn't resist but search "Hallie" there, but he didn't knew her last name. Did she said it and he forgot? How could he forget the surname of such a gorgeous face? No, she probably forgot saying it. Though that didn't stopped Liam, he looked for all the results of that name, there were a lot but he didn't want to give up. Suddenly it was time to go, he checked his clock and realized he has been searching for almost an hour for a girl on facebook he just met and didn't even knew her surname. He laugh at the thought he seemed like a stalker and turned off his laptop. He went downstairs, grabbed his iPhone and wallet and put them on his pocket, he opened the door and went to the spring.

You could say it took a while, but all the thoughts on his mind didn't let him notice all the time he spent walking, he was already there, near the house, there was very loud music and colorful lights shining out thr windows. It looked fun. He took a deep breath and decided to go closer and knock the door...

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