Summer Love

Liam Payne was a normal teenager, he lived with his mum. He knew there was something missing, friends and money made him believe he had it all. What he never expected was falling madly in love with the girl next door at his vacations... Will she love him as much as he do? Will they be together? Will this summer last forever?


4. Chocolate, please

"Hahaha..." said Liam with a happy and uncomfortable smile on his face, letting Hallie's hand go. "Please Liam, stay babe, I'm scared" she replied, holding Liam's hand, softly. "Afraid of what?" he asked, she covered her mouth and said "Shhh it's a secret, it's a game". And then, all of a sudden she closed her eyes falling asleep. "What? What game? Hallie?" It didn't worked, she was already sleep.


So Liam went home. While walking, thinking of what she have said. But those thoughts were interrupted by stronger ones. They have danced together, oh what a beautiful moment they had, she was so pretty, and had an amazing personality, but what he didn't liked was the fact she had been drinking too much, and also smoked... That was weird, she seemed as such a nice girl.


He arrived home and went to sleep. With a big smile on his face, he fall in the niciest dream, Hallie.


Next morning he woke up early, and went to have breakfast with his mom, as usual. "Morning darling" she said while putting some pancakes on his dish. "Morning mom" he said. "Did you have fun yesterday? What did you do?" his mother was curious, "Nothing... Just went out there..." he said. His mother understood, he was a big boy now, he could go on his own, and she didnt wanted to stop him, she just leave him his space.


Finishing breakfast he told his mother he will go out. He went to his bedroom, grabbed his key, his iPhone and his wallet and went out.


Liam walked, near the spring there was a place with many stores. Once he arrived there, he sat for a moment, thinking, why has he gone there? Was it on purpose to find Hallie? Well... He wasn't sure, but he did. Eventually the sun went high up and it was getting hotter, so he went to buy an ice cream to the cafe he saw on the way there.


"Hummm... Chocolate please" he choosed. He had his ice cream and decided to keep on walking a bit more it was actually relaxing and he definetly liked that. Wondering there, he got a text message. Grenade sounded, yes, he liked Bruno Mars. He putted his head down in order to look at the phone and felt someone pushed him. "Oh sorry", it was Hallie. "Oh hello Liam!" she said now realising who was he."Hello Hallie, and don't worry" he replied. "No! Look I made you throw your ice cream!", "Well it wasn't so good so... Dont worry, its not a big deal", "Yes it is!! Is really hot today, come on good boy, I'll show you a place where the ice cream is great" Hallie said, she hold Liam's hand and pulled him to walk by her side, Liam was happy, apparently Hallie was too.


They arrived to the place and Liam couldn't believe what his eyes saw... 


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