Summer Love

Liam Payne was a normal teenager, he lived with his mum. He knew there was something missing, friends and money made him believe he had it all. What he never expected was falling madly in love with the girl next door at his vacations... Will she love him as much as he do? Will they be together? Will this summer last forever?


1. A long summer coming...

Liam woke up in this shinning summer morning, his mother arranged to go on holidays to the beach, though he didn't want to. He prefered staying home to go on parties with his mates, he was a happy boy and had loads of friends. But his mother ruined that perfect summer.

"Let's go Liam!" His mother shouted, he grabbed his backpack, putted his iPhone and wallet on his pocket and went to the car. The trip started, it was a long lasting journey, he was so tired he fell asleep.

"Hey boy wake up, we arrived" said his mother while shaking him to wake with a smile on her face. "I'm coming mom" He replied. He stepped out of the car, grabbed his backpack and went into the house his mother rented. It was a large house, with many windows so the sun entered and fully iluminated it. He went upstairs to find what was going to be his bedroom for the rest of the summer. It had a double sized bed and an enormous closet. It was everything any teenager could wish but it didn't surprised Liam because he and his mother were really wealthy.

Liam throw his things to the floor, next to the bed and lay on his bed to finally fall sleep, he was tired. Next day morning he woke up to a phone call: "You can count on me like 1, 2, 3, I'll be there..." Yes, he loved Bruno Mars' songs. It was Niall but he couldn't reach the phone on time so he called back.

-Hello? Liam, bro, how are ya?

-Hi Nialler, fine but... This place sucks man...

-Ugh... Wait I have to go, I'll call ya later

-Okay bye


Yeah, his best friend left him hanging, he needed to go have some fresh air, he was somehow mad at the idea of not seeing his mates in the whole summer. He went downstairs, had breakfast with his mom and told her he was going to "explore" the place.

He walked down the beach, admiring the sea, the sky, the sand, he started to like this place... a little, but e didn't want to admit it. "Oh great, I'll have to stay here for the whole summer and Niall haven't called me, he must be getting ready for a party, I wanna go to a party..." He was talking to himself while kicking sand when suddenly...

"Ouch! Dummy! Be careful, sand can get into somebody's eyes do you know that??"

"Oh, sorry" said Liam while rasing his head from the floor. "Let me help you". "No its okay" said the girl while rubbing her eyes, "Im good".

Liam couldn't say one more word, the girl he saw left him speechless, she had green eyes and a light brown medium height curled hair, she was wearing a dress, a flowery one, for Liam she looked perfect"

"Hello... Im...


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