The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


13. The Mall



Lin’s P.O.V

“Come on to the car” I yelled as I walked out the house. We all hopped in the car. I drove and Louis had shotgun. Everybody got so intrigued in something Liam said. I wish I would’ve heard. Too bad for me though because Louis decided that would be the perfect time to start a conversation with me. “So what were you and Zayn talking about at the table?” I smiled wide thinking about how much fun today would be. “Nothing” he looked at me then moved over he looked upset. “Oh ok” he said with a hint of sarcasm. I shook it off. My phone dinged. I decided to check it when we got to the mall.

When we pulled up at the mall Lex started bouncing in her seat. She loved the mall she had an odd obsession with them. I swear she knows every mall in the world and exactly where they are. “Calm down gosh.” “So Lins why the mall?” Liam asked “Well since it’s early and it’s a Thursday barely any kids should be here and I really wanted to go but I know this is everybody’s hangout place after school so with you guys coming that would’ve been crazy.” Lex nodded. “Well come on guys!” when we walked in the mall I saw a girl that looked strikingly familiar. “Nay?” I called she turned around and ran toward me. Lex groaned. “Hey” “What are you doing here?” “Well when you guys didn’t come to school the next day I went and asked Ms.Gambridge why y’all weren’t there I figured she would know and she told me that you guys were suspended and said I must want to be too. So here I am until tomorrow.” I laughed “Us too” I said and pointed to me and Lex. Nay looked down the line of people we were with and realization washed over her face. “Y’all are-“Lex interrupted her “They know very well who they are.” She said with attitude. Nay knew Lex didn’t like her but she always tried to be nice to her so she would. Nay nodded “Yea they do well Lins it was umm nice seeing you I guess I’ll be on my way then” I laughed Nay sometimes sounded old to me. I looked at Lex and glared she just shrugged her shoulders. “How about you hang out with us?” this time lex glared at me. “I don’t know only if everyone’s okay with it?” Lex spoke again “I really don’t-“I cut her off “We know Lex doesn’t mind how about you boys?” harry spoke “Of course not.” “Well then off we go again” Louis yelled. “How about we split into groups?” Zayn suggested “why not but I have an idea.” Lex said we all looked at her as if to say continue “Well we could all go with one person then switch out after 30 min?” we nodded that was a good idea. “So how about someone chooses the first pairs?” Nay suggested. “I think Liam should” I suggested. They nodded. “Okay well then it’ll be me and Lex, Niall and Nay, Harry and Zayn, and Lex and Louis.” He said and clapped his hands. We nodded Lex sent me a sorry glance but it wasn’t her fault and it was their last day here anyway so yea…

As we walked towards Forever 21 it was a silence I decided to break it. “So why do we have to go to Forever 21?” I asked because he had forced me to go there like seriously he did. He glanced at me then said “Well ever since I’ve met you I haven’t seen you with anything but neon clothes on. I think you should get a nice non-neon outfit.” I smirked “So you’re telling me you don’t like the way I dress?” he laughed “Of-course not I like everything about you” he said while looking me up and down then winking. I laughed “Well as long as it isn’t any dark colors ill consider it.” He nodded just as we were walking into Forever 21.

“Naw I don’t like gray.” Louis stopped and stood up “You don’t like anything I’ve showed you.” I giggled he sounded like a five year old. “How about we look at brighter colors?” he nodded. “Ok.” *10 Minutes later* “Louis we only have 5 more minutes so let’s check out and go.” “Ok!” he yelled loudly I’m sure everybody in the store heard him. I just stood there laughing. The lady handed Louis the bag “Could you please sign this for my niece she loves you?” she said smiling. Louis genuinely smiled “Of course” he picked up a plain 2 inch white bracelet “How about you give this too her” he said while writing his name on it. He handed the lady the money “Thank you so much she’ll be so happy.” Louis just smiled and grabbed my hand “You two make a cute couple by the way!” she shouted as we walked out. I laughed but it wasn’t real I didn’t want anyone to think we were a couple I definitely wasn’t ready for the fans or pap’s.

Louis‘s eyes went down to our hands “We do don’t we?” I was about to answer when he lifted my arm up to his face examining my forearm “What are these?” he asked while brushing his fingers over them, the scars “Nothing I um…had a dog when I was little she had long nails when we first got her and then she used to um…be around me a lot I guess?.” I said it sounding very hesitant and more like I was asking myself question. Louis looked at me contemplating what I said when I spotted an escape. “Harry come on your my new partner!” I yelled across the corridor Louis looked down at me “Well I guess you’ll tell me when you feel comfortable doing so” he leaned down so he was whispering in my ear “I’ll wait no matter how long for you to open up to me.” After that he stood back up he smiled “Zaynieee lets go and shop for superman clothes!” me and Harry laughed but Zayn grunted. Louis pulled him away from us Zayn yelling “Save me from Louis” the whole time.

Harry slung his arm over my shoulder. I put mine around his waist I couldn’t reach his shoulder without looking totally ridiculous. But this probably made us look like a couple. “Why must you be so tall?” Harry laughed “Why are you so short?” I laughed; I used to get upset when people talked about my height because I got teased because of it. I’m just glad I have A’Bria she helped me get to that confidence level where it didn’t bother me. “So love, I’m not really in the mood to walk around so how about we go hang out at Starbucks?” “Yea Louis kind of wore me out he had me on like 20 different outfits before he decided what I should get.” Harry chuckled and we walked to Starbucks.

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