The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


4. The 4 A.M. Mix-up

Knock. Muffled voices. Knock. Muffled voices.

I groaned knowing who it was. It was Nay, the friend I mentioned, yup her. As I swung my legs over the side of the bed I shook Lex to wake her up. She groaned and said “Nay again, so how many nights this week?” I shrugged “Idunno um…about 3”. I knew she was upset now she hated that I made Nay feel like it was okay for her to come to my house at all hours of the night. It was just I wanted her to be safe. See she has a slight problem with drinking and smoking but it’s because after her dad died her mom stopped caring and she hopes one night she’ll realize she’s gone and look for her and find her drunk or high and care again. About 4 days a week she shows up at my door either high, drunk, or both. Truthfully I don’t mind the only reason Lex sees it as a problem is because we have this thing where no matter if were on the phone or together (we say it at the same time when were together) when we open our door we say “What’s up Lex” or for her “What’s up Lins”. Well I stay true to my commitment and do that. So I do it and Nay responds” I’m not Lex but I should be your best friend we’ve known each other longer and I’m just a better friend!”. Well Lex heard her one night and wasn’t very happy. I explained to her that Nay could never replace her and that was it. But she never forgave Nay, so she hates it when she comes over in the middle of the night.

I was ripped from my thoughts by more knocking and a question “So what time is it anyway?” Lex asked “Um…” I looked at the clock and was shocked she never came over this late. “Its 4:02 something might be wrong she’s never came over this late.” Lex shrugged “Idunno lets just go get the door.” 

I glanced over at Lex she even looked stunning when she just woke up. Did I forget to tell you how pretty my best friend is? The thing is she doesn’t think she is but everybody else does. She’s Indian with dark hazel eyes that have a shine to them; her hair comes to her mid-back, she’s exactly 5’0, weighs about 130. We dyed our hair purple and red together because we’re just close like that. It doesn’t stand out unless we’re in the sun but you can tell it’s dyed, we feel closer because of it.

We walked to the door our pajamas lighting the way. We took a deep breath and smiled at each other knowing what was next. I swung the door open and closed my eyes and screamed “What’s up Lex?!” She did the same but said “What’s up Lins?!”and we were laughing when an all too familiar high British voice said “I’m not sure any of our names are Lins or Lex unless they have been changed without our knowing”. Lex’s and I’s eyes shot up to meet each other and we started counting. Whenever I and Lex thought we heard any voice from one direction we would look at each other count to 3 and then run to the source but in this case we were just going to turn around. “1” Lex started “2” “3” we said at the same time. We turned around slowly to be met by the eyes of every boy from one direction but one certain pair of green eyes was missing. He ran up and said “Mates you ran ahead not fair!”

They chuckled lightly then looked at us. They looked surprised but relieved to the fact we didn’t scream and our eyes weren’t wide. Lex and I had practiced just in case this day came. Me and Lex looked and giggled lightly but my light giggle when I’m nervous is a lot louder and in no way little. That got the boys attention.

Just as Liam opened his mouth to speak Lex cut him off, she seems to enjoy doing that. “Well there is no hotel close, the closest is in Desoto which is about a mile away, you have to pass a gas station to get here and a car repair shop. So I assume nothing’s wrong with your car and I didn’t see one when I opened the door so that would mean you would have to walk to get to this hotel I speak of because me nor my friend have transportation at the moment” My brother took my car away when he found out I was suspended he said Bri could use it while I was laid up at home. I didn’t care I had Lex so I would make it. Lex continued “So come in we’ll get some blankets and pillows you guys can sleep up stairs it’s a big room with two couches for two of you and then three of you can sleep on the floor. Okay?” Louis spoke this time “Okay, but shouldn’t we all introduce ourselves?” We giggled and I said “I’m Linsey but I’m Lins to my best friend over here, you guys can call me Lin though” Lex said “I’d be the best friend over here just in case you were wondering my name’s Alexa but I’m Lex to my best friend over there but you guys can call me Lexie or Alex “A Irish accent began “I’m Niall, bright pants is Louis, green eyes is Harry, DAD is Liam, and this bad boy is Zayn” We all got quite a laugh out of this before they came in and we gave them they’re blankets and pillows and told them we’d see em’ in the morning and said good night. I had a feeling tomorrow was going to be good…


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