The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


14. Telling too Much...

Harry’s P.O.V

Lin was so short it was adorable. I looked at her she looked deep in thought. I nudged her side. She looked up at me “Vas Happenin?” I laughed at her directioner side showing. “Do you think Kevin should get more solos too?” I knew I caught her off-guard then “Yes omg I like love Kevin so much it was cute when Lou was playing with him and Harry was al-“ she stopped and looked at me and laughed “You know once you get a directioner started they just get caught up in their jokes.” I laughed “I can see that now” We walked in Starbucks and I went to the counter. “What you want Lin?” she thought “White-Mocha!”

I ordered us each one. When we sat down Lin reached across the table for her drink and I saw her arm. Something wasn’t right about that she was the bubbliest person I’ve met beside Louis. Why would she have scars like that because they obviously came from one thing, right? She took a sip of her drink and then laughed “What’s funny?” she shook her head “Tell me!” I pleaded she giggled “Look behind you.” I turned around and there stood Lex with Nay and she was mouthing “Save me from this girl she is so annoying!” we laughed and shook our heads as Nay pulled her in a different direction. I turned back around to face Lin. I think I’ll ask her about her arm. I know how she reacted to Louis but maybe she’ll tell me.

I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

Lin’s P.O.V

Harry took a deep breath “Lin” he started I nodded and took a sip of my drink “What happened to your arm?” I gulped hard on my drink. What was up with me today was I getting horrible at hiding them? I gulped and thought about it. I mean what would he think would he see me differently? I guess I’ll never know if I don’t tell him and maybe if I tell him I’ll feel more comfortable telling Louis when I’m ready. But then again how would that be right telling him but not Louis? My feelings are so mixed up lately maybe I can trust him and he won’t tell anyone else. It’s worth a try, I think?

I took a deep breath “I um used to cut.” Simple as that no backstory had to be told he just asked what happened not why. Harry thought for a moment “Why did you cut?” shit why couldn’t he just leave it at that? Because I set myself up to be asked that. I guess I’ve wanted someone to ask for so long that I didn’t realize it. I wanted a friend to be able to comfort me about my past. I never even knew though. I smirked “Because my past” I expected for him to laugh but he just looked at me then sighed. “What in your past?” he sounded annoyed like I’d got on his nerves. I guess I brought this on myself. So I can’t really sit here and debate with myself now. I took a deep breath “Well when I was 11 my mom started using drugs and drinking a lot. My dad at that point was barely around. Soon they got divorced and my dad refused to take us, well actually it was more he didn’t take us and even if he wanted to my mom wouldn’t let him. So she…”I started to tear up this part always got me. “Didn’t really care but made it seem like she did. By the time I was 12 we had moved away to Ohio and Erron was smoking weed a lot so he never was around. If he was around he was high and he didn’t care what was going on. I was the only sober one in the family so I did everything and when I didn’t she would beat me. Well when she started that I started cutting and the reasons my scars are still visible is because I didn’t cut like just swell up, I cut till I saw blood. If I didn’t see blood I kept going back over it. I mean when I think back it was crazy. It was stupid I think. Anyways she started having men in and out the house and they did things to me that I rather not mention I cut for that too. I got to the point where I cut for anything. Someone screaming at me if I cried when I promised myself I wouldn’t. I got very emotional. About 4 years later when I was 16, my mom decided she was done with Ohio so we moved to Texas to our house. Here she fell in love she got married she got sober I thought we were getting somewhere. Erron was around more and wasn’t smoking as much. I thought we would be a family.” I was smiling this was a good memory the moment I thought I had a family again. “Well my mom’s new husband or my step dad didn’t care for us and he had no problem letting us know. I had stopped cutting for about 2 months but I started again because I wasn’t good enough for him to like me. So one day he convinced mom to come with him and just leave us here. She agreed because she said when you loved someone you sacrificed for them. Even if it meant leaving people you loved. But right after she said that she laughed and said but I don’t love yawl cause I love him now and left us. That same day I ran I ran till I got to that park. I sat by the huge oak tree staring into the pond crying and screaming telling all my feelings to the air hoping it would make me feel better. It didn’t so I jumped but Erron came he came just my luck he dragged me out. He saved me.” The tears burned down my face and they wouldn’t stop. I took a sharp breath and continued “I decided that day that if that what was what love made you do I would never love anyone except for family and Lex. I gave up on relationships. Anytime I got close to maybe being in one I broke them off. I avoided them I did whatever I had to I just pushed them away till they couldn’t come back and didn’t want to. Love is dangerous when I think love I think you can only be in love with one person and all love for others cease and I don’t want to put anyone through what I’ve been through.” Harry stared at me he looked sad and sympathetic. I didn’t want his sympathy but now I put it on myself.

I told too much…

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