The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


10. Sleeping Buddy

Lin’s P.O.V

As we approached the front door I took my hand out of his. He looked at me confused. I shook my head. I sprang open the door “Lexxxx” I screamed. She came running up to me “Sir Yes Sir” We laughed so hard we were on the floor clutching our stomachs. When we stopped laughing I said “How bout we have a movie night since tomorrows the last day were free?” Lex groaned “Then were right back in that hell hole we call school.” The boys nodded and Lex said yes of course. “So what move shall we watch?” Lex jumped up and down “21 Jump Street!” “Have you guys seen that?” I asked. They all shook their head. Before I could even get the movie Lex jumped up and ran and put the movie in.

We headed towards the couch to sit down. It was two couches on the small couch it was Niall, me, and then Louis of course. Why’d they have to put me in between them ugh! On the longer couch it was Harry, Lex, Zayn, and Liam. Bri and Erron were on the floor entangled in the covers. God only knows what they’re doing. I shivered at the thought.

Niall noticed and put his arm around my waist and pulled me close. I felt bad because I kissed Louis earlier and now here I was right now cuddled up to Niall. I just hoped he didn’t ask me why I didn’t say anything. He acted as if he was over it. When I think about this whole day it was very hectic. From cooking and singing with one boy to swinging, sliding, and kissing another boy I mean what kind of person does that make me? I looked next to me and met those green eyes. He was staring at me well when I turned he looked up. I looked down and sure enough you could see his hand lying on my hipbone. I wiggled free from his grasp. He looked down at me confused but focused his attention back on the movie when Ice Cube was telling them what he would do if they gave minors alcohol or drugs. That part was quite amusing.

I looked around to see if everyone was focused on the movie and everyone was except Bri and Erron if you looked closely there was quite a bit a movement. Ugh they were making out. They’re disgusting. I kicked Erron in his side then looked at the movie like it wasn’t me but when I looked down he hadn’t even responded. They must be very interested in each other. Why couldn’t they just go to their room for that?

I looked around once more then grabbed Louis’s hand and pecked his lips. The couch was pretty small so it was like there was no movement at all. He intertwined our fingers slipping each of his fingers in-between mine. I looked down at our hands and smiled. Maybe this could go somewhere.

Just as I started to get interested in the movie my other hand was intertwined with someone else’s. Instead of removing my hand I smiled in his direction. I don’t even know why it was like it just felt right. I couldn’t do this I would just be putting myself through more emotional hurt. I pulled my hand free from Louis’s luckily he had fell asleep. I don’t even know how. But then I looked around everyone had their head on someone’s shoulder sleep and even Erron and Bri weren’t moving anymore. I turned to see if Niall was awake he sure enough was and I was met by his piercing blue eyes.

He leaned close “Can we go talk in your room?” I nodded. I got up slowly and told him where my room was. “I’ll meet you in there I have to umm…go to the restroom.” He just nodded. As soon as he turned the corner I shook Louis awake “Don’t I get a kiss goodnight?” I asked innocently. He smirked and leaned in and we kissed for a good 30 seconds when I decided I should go flush the toilet and wash my hands so Niall wouldn’t get suspicious I pulled away and smiled. He just stretched out on the couch and went back to sleep.

I slowly walked to my room anticipating the “TALK” Niall wanted to have. I walked in the room and he was looking at the pictures all over my mirror. They were my good memories. The first picture I and Lex took my first Christmas my so-called parents were in almost all the other photos. He pointed to my “mother” “This your mum?” I nodded. I dreaded the memories I had by just seeing her face but sometimes it reminded me why I could never love…

Niall turned around “So you’re like 18 right?” I nodded “I graduate in a month.” “Cool” man I wish he would just say what he had to say. “What I wanted to talk about was why you didn’t say anything when I told you I really liked you” I shrugged “It was too many people around.” I lied. He studied my face like Louis had done earlier. “Well how about you say something now” I nodded “I really like you too but it’s just-his lips crashed into mine very unexpectedly. I kissed back however. It was great his lips against mine felt right. When we pulled away he told me the exact same thing Louis did. I just smiled weakly.

I yawned “Do you mind if I sleep in here I don’t want to sleep alone up stairs” I nodded. I went and changed into my pajamas. When I walked out he had on nothing but his boxers. Very nice view if I say so myself maybe I’d sleep with the lights on tonight. Just kidding. I turned the light off and got under the covers. Niall did the same and he faced me. Our foreheads were touching. He leaned in and we started a full on make out session. When we stopped we took a deep breath pecked each other’s lips and fell asleep with our foreheads touching and his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

I was digging a deep hole and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to climb out this time…

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