The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


5. Sese and Ale'?

Lex P.O.V

I slowly shifted my weight out of the bed, Lins was a light sleeper I didn’t want her to wake up she gets very rambunctious when she first wakes up. She would pop up and scream “I get shower first ha-ha!” I wanted shower first considering the five hot guys that could wake up at any minute. The only good thing about being suspended and being here is that I get to wear Lin’s clothes. There so loud and out there. I love it because people see us and they don’t laugh but examine our outfits and ask where we would get them. I didn’t know where Lins got her clothes, she would just come home with a new shirt or pants or socks every day. That gave her quite the collection of clothes. Once I tiptoed out of the room I was in the hallway and bumped into a small frame. “Sorry Bri…” I said rubbing my bum. “It’s ok and hey I missed you I haven’t seen you since last week” “I know I know examines had me locked up in the house I didn’t even call Lins” “So that’s why she was walking around here upset. She says when she talk’s to you she’s venting I guess she didn’t get out what she needed to” “Oh no she did she was just upset I didn’t call her but one time last week, you know how she feels about studying” Lins is very smart she does her work and gets good grades and when it’s time to study she just studies right before she takes the test because she doesn’t want to “waste” her weekend doing “boring” things. “Ya, well I’m about to go back to bed before Lins freshly woke up I love her but Erron is enough to handle” I chuckled lightly and walked to the bathroom. I turned the heat all the way up. I got in and unconsciously started singing I was singing Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum. I had a great voice I knew it and everybody who knew me knew it.

I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and went into Lin’s room. I knew if she woke up now she would choose what we wore today. Whenever we spent the night at each other’s house we wore matching outfits but not same color but the same type of clothes. I took out her neon yellow high waist jeans and her neon pink tank. Luckily I had remembered to ask my mom to drop off some clothes for school and she brought my two favorite blazers the gray one and the navy one. I grabbed the gray blazer and topped my outfit off I knew that Lins had some shoes with all these colors in them. She liked shoes with 3 or more different colors. I found them they’re converse she got them custom made with my name on the back because she didn’t wear plain gray, everything HAD to be neon or glow in the dark. I put on the outfit and then I jumped on the bed like a little kid before his mom told him to stop jumping on the bed. She always rolled on the floor it was hilarious.

Lins P.O.V

*When Lex got up…

I felt her weight shift out of the bed. Usually I would jump up and scream “I get shower first ha-ha!” she could think she showered first but really when she left I was just going to go to our spare bathroom and shower there. She never slept in there or showered in there because well you know Nay she usually occupied that bed and bathroom. She tiptoed out and I heard her bump into someone. It was Bri because she said “sorry Bri” then they had a conversation about me I didn’t care they always did it when I was in the room like I wasn’t there. As soon as I heard the shower come on and her start singing I knew I had about 20 minutes till she was done. I jumped out of bed and went to the guest bathroom. I made my water freezing cold my skin is very sensitive-I’m lying I just don’t like warm water I like warm AIR. After I was done I went back to the room and put on some different pajamas I didn’t plan on going anywhere today might as well wear pj’s all day.

*10 Minutes Later*

I heard the shower cut off and jumped back in bed and pretended to be sleep. It was fun the way she woke me up. I heard her rummaging through my closet. Damn! She was making me get dressed for no reason. I just wanted to watch re-runs of Full House, stay upstairs and-Oh my god I completely forgot the five gorgeous boys sleep upstairs I had to get dressed now. My thoughts were interrupted by jumping on my bed after the third jump I rolled out of the bed and laughed with her. “Why do you have on different pajamas?” Lex asked “Um…” “Did you trick me again? Gosh I’ll never really get you huh?” “Nope, now what are we wearing today?” She gestured toward some clothes laid out on my bed while she was looking for my airplane necklace. It was really pretty it had neon yellow and neon pink in it she loved it. I was wearing my neon pink high waist jeans with my neon yellow tank and her navy blazer. I looked good but needed shoes. I grabbed my neon yellow and neon pink flats with a navy bow on the top.  Now I looked nice. “Let’s go make breakfast and watch Full House re-runs aye?” Lex asked “Yup!”


We decided that cereal would be breakfast. Well I did Lex was making some waffles while I ate Capn’ Crush and watched Full House re-runs. I heard someone doing what sounded like running down the stairs slowly? I turned around to see Louis trying to skip down the stairs. I giggled loudly not caring; he looked up and flashed me a smile then continued. When he was done he jumped on the couch and sat next to me. “Hey Lins!” Louis started; I looked at him questionably no one called me Lins except for Lex everybody else just called me Lin or Linnie I don’t even know how they came up with the second one. “Oh is that like a personal nickname for just you and your best mate – what’s her name again” “It’s kind of personal for me and Lex ya.” “Oh so do different mates have to come up with something different?” “Not really but they can if they want to” I could tell Louis was going to be fun to be around. “I think I will call you…..SESE but with an s” I giggled and said “Really that has got to be the most creative one I’ve ever heard.” Lex walked in and sat on the other side of Louis. “What y’all talking about?” “Nicknames what shall yours be?” Louis asked her “Mm….don’t know, you come up with it” “How about AA?” Louis said trying not to laugh. “That sounds like a good one AA…why does that sound familiar though?” “I don’t know maybe because it’s Alcohol Awareness” I busted out laughing. She hit my arm and glared at Louis. “Ok no but how about ALE’ because you know the beginning of your name” “Ya, now that I don’t mind”

Me, Louis, and Lex watched Full House re-runs for about 3 hours. Louis had never seen it so we had to watch quite a few. I was just about to ask Louis what time the other boys usually wake up when someone walked down stairs. I turned around to be met by the ocean of blue eyes. We just stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds till I turned around due to the fact that Louis was calling my “name”. “Sese” He started I looked at him as if to say continue “Could you make me some crepes?” I looked at him questionably and he said “Ah yes I forgot what is it you Americans call it…PANCAKES!” I nodded and then said “Lex you have to help me” she groaned and started to stand when Louis pulled her down and said “No my Ale’ shes going to keep me company while Niall helps you” I looked at him and said “Okay come on Niall we might as well cook for everybody since Louis is making us cook for him!” I said over my shoulder. I have a feeling Louis is up to something…


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