The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


1. Prolouge

Well Hello, 

My name is Linsey. Linsey Brooks .  I love my name because a lot of people have it but don't spell it the same weird right, not to me. Well i'm 5'2 weigh about 145 , hehe i'm curvy ! I'm wild and loud plus very confident nothing anybody says hurts me i mean what can i say i'm great! I love wearing neon colors i mean like there is nothing but neon colored clothes in my closet plus a couple of nice black dresses just in case. I live with my brother, Erron and his girlfriend, A'Bria. That has a nice ring to it Erron and A'Bria. I wish i had some one who i was-stop daydreaming Linsey ! Sorry weird right well i learned its best that when i get sidetracked in my head its best to just stop myself before i say some thing i regret like one time i told this girl to go suck one because-STOP ! Well anyways i'm short as you already know, i love neon colors oh !, and i like glow in the dark clothes i know it's weird but aye i'm weird. Well i guess the last detail you should know is not an important one at all because what does race matter right ! I'm African-American ugh it feels weird saying that i prefer Black...

My best friend is Alexa Darling, ha i bet you thought that was her real last name ha nope its Jaminson. Does that sound weird to you it always has to me like if you repeat it its like Alexa Jaminson, Alexa Jamin-There i go again i'm sorry if i confuse you. Me and Alexa have been best friends since 2 years ago when the greatest boy-band alive was formed One Direction !  We could never forget how we became friends considering their still alive and living while they're young ! Ha i think i'm funny but Lex makes sure i know i'm not. Oh, Lex is just one of Alexa's nick names that i made up ofcourse who else would of, she wouldnt of let them.

Since now you know me and my best friend i should begin the story !

Lettttttsss Goooooooo ! Ahh my sense of humor out there but there.



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