The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


12. Plans !

Louis P.O.V

Sese looked incredibly focused on whatever Zayn was whispering in her ear. I didn’t like how cozy they looked. For some reason she sat in-between Zayn and Liam. I mean there was a seat right here between me and Niall but maybe she just didn’t sit right there because she didn’t want to sit by Niall no she didn’t want them to get suspicious. Harry glared at me again I was wondering why he had been doing that all morning. Not like the mad glare but the “we need to talk” glare. I’d have to ask him about that later. I glanced back over at Sese she was now whispering in his ear. I don’t know what it was but I just got up from the table and went to the living room. Maybe I just needed to calm down. Yes that’s what it is. I sat down and switched the tele on to Full House.

Lin’s P.O.V

Zayn and I were talking when Louis abruptly got up and just left. I just shrugged and we continued our conversation. We were whispering everything we said in each other’s ears however. We were planning a fun day today and we didn’t want anybody else to know. “Ok so let’s tell everybody to get dressed and then we’ll leave.” He nodded. “Hey everyone we should do something today so how about everyone gets dressed and then we shall decide?” everyone looked around and nodded. I clapped my hands “Great well off you go kiddies go get ready!” everyone laughed then walked off in different directions “Don’t take forever Zaynnnnn!” I screamed sarcastically.

I was about to go change when I saw Louis on the couch. “Lou-Man were about to go somewhere so you have to get dressed!” I said as I sat down. “Oh ok where are we going?” I laughed evilly “That’s for me to know and you to find out” I said as I got up and walked to my room. I walked in my room” Lex I get to choose today.” She groaned “How come?” “Because you got to choose yesterday.” She sighed. I laughed evilly and ran to my closet. I grabbed my neon yellow skirt for me and my peach one for Lex. I know that those two colors probably don’t go together well but hey whatever. I got Lex my collared sleeveless white shirt and I got myself the neon pink one. “Lex bowtie or no bowtie?” she thought for a second then walked in the closet to look at my bowtie collection. “Where is the peach one?” I looked at her “In my hand!” she laughed. “Bowties Definitely!” so I grabbed the peach one and my neon yellow one. I walked out the closet dressed. “You look great” Lex said as I was constantly checking myself in the mirror. “Now give me the clothes so I can look great too!” I chuckled and threw her clothes at her face. She fakes pouted.

Just as I walked out Zayn walked out. Great now I could tell him I kind of wanted to change the plans. “Hey I was thinking that we could go to the mall first?” “Yea sure.” Great today is going to be so much fun.

A/N-I know this is kinda short but ive been sruggling in school lately so i have to focus on that for a lil bit then i will make these chapters longer and if you think i give too much detail in my chapters and dont get to the point soon enough feel free to tell me and i will condsider that in writing my next chapters...THANKS FOR ANYONE WHO READS AND GIVES ME THEIR FEEDBACK KEEP FAVORITING ANF LIKING!!!!


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