The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


3. No Date...Sleepover and Ben & Jerry's

I hopped in my BMW happy i was getting out of this place for two days. Lex on the other hand was going to be in deep trouble if her parents found out so while she gathered her stuff I called and said she had a cold and wanted to stay with me so the baby didn't get sick. They agreed. She climbed in and didn't look like the Lex i'd known for two years. "Lex" I started "I called your parents-" She cut me off for the third time today. "W-w-what ?" She stuttered out with a shocked expression. "Boo no not like that i told them you had a co-" this time my phone cut me off it was a text from Cole it said "um srry but i cnt go on the dte w/u i have a gf srry -Cole xxx:(" I stared at the text reading it over and over again when Lex sntched my phone read it and said "Fucking bastard fuck him, come on Lin we're sleeping over your house tonight" "Ok..." that was all I said the whole ride to get the ice cream and then when we got to the house we decided to watch a romance I wanted to cry weird right but hey i'm weird.

We flopped down on my bed when I said "Ugh school clothes we gotta change NOW" Lex grunted disappointed "But I don't like your pajamas they light up the room when it's supposed to be dark !" She was'nt lying I liked to glow in the dark. I tossed her a pair of the ones that had lost their glow the most it was shorts with the words "Check It Out" across her bottom those were the words that stood out.She wore a tank with the words "My Eyes () Are Up There^" across her chest she loved that ! I wore shorts that were new so the glow couldn't have been more intense they said "Gosh It's Big" across my bottom with a tank that said "You Can Stare" across my chest. We always get a kick out of my pj's i go crazy what can i say.

We decided on  Something Borrowed. We vowed to never do what she did to her bestfriend to eachother and then fell asleep.

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