The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


9. Most Amazing Kiss

Lin’s P.O.V

I ran till I was at the entrance to the park. I took deep long breaths. I hope Erron doesn’t tell anyone where I went. I dragged my feet till I was at the edge of the pond. This pond was basically where I told my life story, but not to people. I told Mother Nature. I cried for hours on this grass, learned to swim in the pond, I even tried to kill myself in this pond. Erron saved me though and I couldn’t be happier. That was until everything that I tried so hard to forget was resurfacing. I know they say you can’t run from your past but they never said you couldn’t hide from it.

I thought about jumping but I knew I would just swim off instinct. I looked at my arm and studied the scars. They never went away but I was surprisingly good at hiding them from everyone. I just don’t know what was happening then I just couldn’t-CRUNCH.

I whipped my head around to see Louis walking towards me. I started to stand up and argue for him to leave me alone. But I knew Erron wouldn’t have told him if he didn’t think it would help or at least trust him. I just stared into the pond when Louis came and put his arm around my shoulder. The tears brimming my eyes. I was always over emotional. Well until those times. I looked into his eyes.

When I ran no one came they just left me to clear my head. I would sit at the edge of the pond and tell myself they cared but deep down I thought they didn’t. It was pure luck when Erron came after me it was only because there had been some murders around this park. Now he just waited for me to come back. I know I know what if I didn’t come back he wouldn’t look just wait till the next day so I was missing for 24 hours then tell the cops. My brother cares but I don’t know I just guess he trust me or has hope that I’ll come back. You know the only thing stronger than fear is hope.

“Sese” Louis started his accent sounding thicker than usual. I nodded signaling for him to continue. “Well I know not to ask questions but just know when you feel like we know each other better and you feel ready I’m just across the pond waiting for the call. “ I looked at him the tears threating to spill. He cared not the Erron care but the genuine care. “IF were not in the States.” He added. They streamed down my face as hot as fire. “I can’t believe I’m crying in front of Louis Tomlinson” I said laughing at myself. He laughed “Don’t worry babe, I don’t mind.” I looked at him one more time before I threw my arms around his neck trying to give him the tightest hug humanly possible.

We stayed like that till we accidently fell over and I was in the compromising position again but with me on top of him. I tried to move but he pulled down on my waist keeping me like that. He leaned in close enough to breathe on my ear. Hmmm second time today someone breathed on my ear. “If I told you I really liked you would you freeze then go off on Haz for asking why you didn’t say anything” I chuckled remembering my past actions but a different scenario. “No because I would of said something like I really like you too” I covered my mouth how could I have let it slip. I had to play cool think later. He looked shocked “Well then Sese I really like you” I had to respond now he already knew. “I really like you too Lou-Man” We laughed at our nicknames for each other.

I pushed myself off of him and reached my hand out to help him up. He pulled up and kept my hand in his. It felt wrong but right at the same time. What would Niall think? I didn’t want to hurt him.

I turned to Louis and just as I was about to speak he crashed his lips into mine. It was like they moved in sync. It sent butterflies fluttering everywhere, electric shocks coursed through my veins. The most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced.

He pulled back I breathed then laughed “I’ve been waiting to do that since I saw you last night.” Louis breathed out. I smiled “Well you did it and it was amazing.” He smiled cheekily “Well MASSIVE THANK YOU!” he shouted and threw his arms out in the process.

I took his hand and put it in mine. I smiled up at him considering our height difference. I wonder how this is going to complicate things. I’ll just have to wait and see maybe it won’t be so bad. Hopefully…


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