The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


17. Feeling Wrong


Lins’s P.O.V

Niall convinced me to go see a movie. Even though that meant missing at least three or four times we had to switch. “So what movie are we going to go see?” he thought for a moment “How about the new Twilight?” I nodded and he grabbed my hand. I didn't pull away it’s not like I wasn't doing the same thing with Harry no more than 5 minutes ago. It wasn't wrong with him so it’s not wrong with him they’re both just close friends. I nodded my head unconsciously agreeing with the thought I just had.

Niall looked confused I just shrugged “I thought about something then nodded.” He laughed “You’re weird but I like you just like that.” I smiled weakly. I felt so wrong at times but maybe if I just told them I just wanted to be friends until I decided if I was ready to try and work through my insecurities with relationships, they wouldn't mind.

As we were approaching the ticket booth Niall stopped “Ok let’s make a compromise since I know you’re not going to let me pay for anything without a fight, you get to buy the popcorn and I get to buy everything else?” it wasn't a fair compromise considering we were getting snacks and drinks too but he’s trying to be nice and just awww.

“Of course I’ll go get the popcorn right now.” He smiled as I walked towards the concession stand. The cashier smiled at me “Hi how may I help you?” I scanned the menu “One large popcorn please.” She nodded and handed it to me. I started to say thanks when she gasped. I guess Niall had the tickets. I handed her the money for the popcorn and let Niall get the rest. In the end he ended up signing a popcorn bowl, her wrist, and her forehead (he was hesitant at first but she was about to start crying so he did it). When we were walking away I slightly chuckled over her fan-girl moment I would've had had that been me.

As soon as we got close to the theater doors I bolted in and ran to the last row. I went to the middle and saved a seat for Niall. I always had this thing about sitting on the very last row in the middle. I don’t know I guess it was just me because people rarely wanted to sit with me. They always wanted to sit in the middle row in the middle seats. I just didn’t think the view was better in my opinion.

When Niall finally walked in I called him over. So you ran to get these seats?” he asked with a smirk. I smiled and nodded. He grinned “Well you are definitely you and I like you just like that.”

I smiled very widely. I didn’t know what to say so I just sat down. It was the second time he’d said something like that to me, that cheeky boy. Niall was so sweet and when he flirted it was like the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life. Man this whole friend thing is going to be hard but choosing one boy would be even harder.


*“What did you see?” Edward asked Alice. She just shook her head and begins to speak nervously*(A/N I haven’t actually seen the movie so this might not be exactly what happened I think I saw it on a commercial)

Niall laughed unexpectedly. I looked at him “What?” I looked down and saw his phone but it was so dim you couldn’t even tell it was on. He just kept laughing so I leaned down close enough to see it. Zayn had sent him a message I guess I was his next partner.

Zayn a.k.a Bradfordbadboy: Where the fudge r u w/my partner u Irish mofo they told me she was w/u last I will find u and take her Ohhh little leprechaun you better watch out wherever you r!! -.-

I had to cover my mouth from laughing loudly and disturbing the whole theater. I leaned over “Maybe we should go and find him?” Niall just nodded he was still laughing. As soon as we were out of the theater I burst into fits of laughter as did Niall. Just as we were walking to the corridor I got a message I stopped to check it was Lex.

Ya’ Bestest Friend: Where you and the Irish man at get back so I and Niall can go! HURRYY!

I tugged on Niall’s hand so we could go faster but he pulled back on mine and turned me around stopping me from moving forward. I laughed till I realized how close we were. I felt really awkward like this I tried to move away I don’t think he noticed though.

“Linsey will you go on a date with me?” Ohhh this is when I have to tell him well this is about to get a lot more awkward.

“Um well Niall I think we should just be friends for now till I work out some personal issues of my own and um well yea but ill definitely HANG out with you as a FRIEND” I put emphasis on friend and hang so he would know I just wanted to be friends for now. He looked dishearten and hurt but most of all he looked jealous.

“Is this because of Louis?” I shook my head “I feel the same way about Louis like I said I need to sort out some personal issues.” He just nodded then walked the rest of the way to corridor with his hands stuffed in his pocket and about 2 feet ahead of me. I feel wrong for that… 

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