The Only Exception♥-On Hold-

What happens when the best life Linsey could be living is changed because some one decided to knock on her door at 4 A.M. :


11. Everything feels "Right" to you!

Lin’s P.O.V

I woke up to warmth beside me. I looked up and saw Niall. “Shit” I cursed. I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I had to talk to Lex today. I couldn’t handle this alone. I turned the water on blazing hot. The water burned my skin but it felt great. I jumped out the shower and went to my room to get my clothes. I slowly walked in not wanting to wake Niall. I grabbed my neon pink sweats with my neon pink hoodie and my neon green TOMS. I went to the guest bedroom and sat on the bed and waited for Lex. I figured she was in here because someone knocked on my door while I was in the shower. She was the only one who knew about this room. I think. The bathroom door opened and out walked a shirtless Harry. When I saw him my eyes got wide. He noticed me and stopped what he was doing to focus his attention on me. “Do you need something, love?” “Oh no I’m sorry I thought Lex was in there you know oh well yea.” I said as I walked out the room. I quickly walked to the living room. There Lex was sprawled out across Zayn and Liam’s laps. I giggled slightly. I went over to her and shook her. She looked at me. At first she looked annoyed then she looked at what I had on. She shook her head and jumped up. She put up her finger telling me to hold on and ran off to get ready. I normally would have got all dressed up like I did every day. I only wore sweats and sweatshirts when I was depressed or really thinking about something. I guess when you spend enough time around me you notice the change. Lex walked out in my neon yellow sweats, my neon orange hoodie, and my neon orange TOMS. I got up and grabbed my keys. Just as we were walking out the door, Harry came around the corner. “Where are you lovely ladies headed?” he asked. Lex looked at me. I just shrugged. I didn’t care if he came along that might even help me more. She pointed to my clothes Harry just looked at me “What’s wrong with what she’s wearing?” he asked. “Well Lins isn’t the type of person to leave the house with sweats and a sweatshirt on maybe sweats but definitely not a sweatshirt. She’s either depressed or she needs to get something that she’s been overthinking off her chest. So come on.” He nodded. We walked out the front door Lex decided I wasn’t driving so Harry did. Lex couldn’t drive yet she kept failing the test. We pulled up in front of Starbucks. I got out and ran to the door. I love Starbucks they have the greatest White Chocolate Mocha. I went to the counter and ordered Lex and I one. I didn’t know what Harry liked. He ended up getting that too. I sat next to Harry and Lex across from us. As soon as we sat down Lex asked what was up. I told her and Harry everything that happened yesterday with both boys. Harry was the first to speak “Wow all that in one day!” Lex looked furious “How could you do that to both of those boys that just isn’t right I mean you’re basically playing with their emotions. Kissing them, holding their hands, and sleeping in the same bed as them. What the hell is wrong with you?” I started shaking me and Lex never argued and we weren’t going to but it was a lot to handle but she had every right to do that. “It just felt right. With both of them it felt right but now I don’t know and todays the last day I’m going to spend with them.  You guys have to help me I don’t know what to do.” Lex looked at me “So EVERYTHING FEELS “RIGHT” TO YOU NOW HUH?!” I just sat there. That’s when Harry finally decided to speak again “Well all I can say is that I know Louis really cares about you and so does Niall. So the best thing for you to do is make the most out of today without the kissing and holding hands and sitting in laps. Just spend time with them as friends. If they can be friend-zoned first and they don’t find another girl then you’re good and you just have to choose.” Lex looked calmed down and she nodded “Harry’s right…I’m sorry for flipping I just…” I nodded understanding. I shrugged “How about we get breakfast for everybody else.” I suggested. They nodded we all got up and got in the car. I got to drive this time. I turned the radio on and Taylor Swift’s song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I and Lex started screaming the song Harry was laughing at us. When we arrived at McDonalds we got everybody something and headed home.

“Lex I’m gonna get you!” Harry screamed as he jumped out the car. I stood there and laughed as Harry chased her around the car. “Awe Harry you’ll never get Lexxiee-Girl” I laughed about her old fifth grade nickname. Harry stopped as soon as she said that with the WTF look on his face. Lex took this chance and ran up and threw his mop of curls all over the place. “No one touches the curls!” he screamed “Lex touches the curls!” she retorted. Just when they were about to chase each other I stopped them “Come on I want to go in and eat you guys can debate over the “CURLS” later.” I started walking towards the house with them trudging slowly behind me. Harry kept slapping her hand saying “No one touches the curls” under his breath. These two are something else. When we walked in the house they were watching TV. “We brought breakfast” I screamed. Everybody but Louis jumped up. Just as I was walking out the room Louis called me. “Yes Lou-Man” I said “Well I was wondering if I could have your number we never exchanged numbers you know?” I giggled we never did. “Yea and you can give it to the rest of the boys if they ask for it.” He nodded and gave me his phone. I gave him mine. I saved myself as Most Amazing Kiss ;) xx. I know they said friend zone first but aye you never know. He gave me back my phone and looked at my contact “You have no idea.” He said thinking about the kiss we shared. I laughed “Come on lets go eat breakfast I’m starving.”

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