Lets say Sophia was a regular girl, she never believed in herself, so in some ways she was normal. But she couldn't scratch that there was something missing in her life. Love. Sophia was rich but worked for her money, and when she knew she needed a vacation, she made it a long one. She went to New York for three months, not knowing who she would meet or what would happen to her. When she meets a guy who would do anything for her, they both fall in love. He teaches her how to stand out, be original and how to believe.


2. Surprise!

I'm in my bedroom listening to music and someone knocks on my door. 

"Can I come in?" My dad says.

"Yeah come in!" I answer.

He walks into my room with a Ticket and some papers. 

"What are those?" I say

"I got you a ticket to New York City for three months, at the Marriott in the fanciest suite. But you have to promise me, that if you get a job, you will pay me back. And if you don't get a job, you come back home and do chores until you earn enough to pay me back. Deal?" Wow!! I'm so excited! This could be a whole new beginning for me!

I say "YES! Thank you so much dad! DEAL!" 

I start packing right away because my flight leaves tomorrow morning. I pack clothes, all my toiletries, snacks, extra money, shoes, my guitar (incase I decide to take lessons), and two fancy dresses just incase. After packing I go downstairs to eat dinner. I eat all my pasta and salad, and head back to my room to pack my carry-on bag. As i'm packing, I go to youtube, and look up popular songs. It reads "Justin Bieber, Beauty and a Beat" Who the hell is Justin Bieber? I click on the video.. just to see. As i'm listening, I'm falling in love. His voice is at just the right pitch for the song, his lips could't be more perfect, and the way he sings! He's talented! I can't believe I would fall in love with someone I have never I even heard of and have no chance of meeting. I look up more about "Justin Bieber." It says on Google he is going to New York City for his 2012 Believe tour, and is staying at the Marriott. ... 

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