Lets say Sophia was a regular girl, she never believed in herself, so in some ways she was normal. But she couldn't scratch that there was something missing in her life. Love. Sophia was rich but worked for her money, and when she knew she needed a vacation, she made it a long one. She went to New York for three months, not knowing who she would meet or what would happen to her. When she meets a guy who would do anything for her, they both fall in love. He teaches her how to stand out, be original and how to believe.


1. Prologue

My brown hair is silky smooth, and as straight as a stick. One eye is Hazel, and one dark brown. Who could ever love a girl with two different colored eyes? I guess that explains why I don't have a boyfriend yet.  I have been single my whole life! Never even heard of anyone who even thinks i'm cute. I have Never kissed anyone, and i'm eighteen. I know that sounds strange but... I mean, It makes sense! i'm not pretty and i'm not good at anything! I got a Guitar for Christmas last year, but I haven't touched it yet. I don't really consider myself musical. I consider myself a misfit. A misfit that will always be a misfit, and always has been a misfit.





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