Kiddnapping A Heart

Gabby finally got the chance to meet back up with her father and brothers, She didn't know her brother was Niall from an international boyband One Direction. She finally gets the boyfriend she has always dreamed of and Harry Styles is jealous? Harry isnt what he seems and Gabby is stuck in the middle of it. The pain is unbearable. Harry really likes Gabby but he always seems to mess things up but this time it goes to far. Gabby falls hard but can't get up. Harry powering over her. She has nothing she can do and no one she can call for help. Zayn is clueless of it all and Gabby can't tell him a thing, so he doesn't get hurt.


2. Gabby Moving In

 I have already written this story on Wattpad. I'm just going to get it out there. hope you enjoy.


Gabbys P.O.V

My name is Gabby i have light brown hair that reaches my waist, and bright blue eyes. i am also only 5'5 and turning eighteen very soon. This is my story about when i met One Direction and my brother.

My mom and I were finally moving back to Mullingar, Ireland. its been a while since I've been here actually ten years to be exact. We had to move to the U.S for my moms business purposes. I was only excited to be back for one reason, to finally have the chance to meet my father. My mom tells me i have two brothers i've been dying to meet them. One of them who is my twin. My mom had promised me that when i was eighteen she would take me to meet the other half of my family. In three days i would finally be eighteen.

I garbbed my suitcase and walked into a large house mostly coverd in stone. This is what i would be calling home for awhile. Great, a new house i wouldnt be in for very long. Considering me and my mother never lived in one place for a year. I never made very many friends. I knew it would be a short relationship. I've just learned to not get attached to anybody.

Hopefully this would be better, Hopefully.

"Gabby stop day dreaming and come out here to help me unpack the rest of our stuff" my mom yelled from the driveway.

I looked around the house admiring its perfect engarvings on the walls and lavish colors. My mom being a CEO of her company really had its perks. I ran to ther car and helped unpcak the rest of the stuff. While the movers finished placing all our funiture in its place in perfect same old designer condition. Our house always looked as if we were trying to sell it. Always it great shape.

I walked into my room typical teenage room. Purple walls, queen bed with a blue and pink spotted bed spread, a vanity for all my makeup, a white dresser, and my desk where my laptop would rest.

I got out my box full of posters out and hung them in place on my walls. They were of One Direction only the best british/irish boyband ever. I loved thier perfect personalitys and thier toned bodys. Not to mention thier amazing singing voices.

I would die to meet them..

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