Kiddnapping A Heart

Gabby finally got the chance to meet back up with her father and brothers, She didn't know her brother was Niall from an international boyband One Direction. She finally gets the boyfriend she has always dreamed of and Harry Styles is jealous? Harry isnt what he seems and Gabby is stuck in the middle of it. The pain is unbearable. Harry really likes Gabby but he always seems to mess things up but this time it goes to far. Gabby falls hard but can't get up. Harry powering over her. She has nothing she can do and no one she can call for help. Zayn is clueless of it all and Gabby can't tell him a thing, so he doesn't get hurt.


1. The Boy's Moving In

The beginning of my story is kind of choppy and weird it gets better I promise:)


Niall's POV

" thats the last of them" i exclaimed

We've decided to move in as a band so we could get more work done. (more like just mess around) there were tons and tons of boxes of our stuff.

"Now we just have to unpack" Zayn replied. Wiping sweat from the top of his forehead.

Harry, Louis and, Liam plopped down on one of the open couches. They started engaging in a conversation on what T.V was going where.

Later that night.

We were all settled on the couch watching love actually. Side by side i looked over to see what louis and harry were doing. As usual they were making kissy faces at each other. Louis caught a glimpse o me staring at them and sent me a sharp look. That told me to look away. I did.

About 2/3 the way in the movie i started losing control of my eyes and slowly drifted off.

I woke up to loud screaming. It was louis. Something about his carrots were missing. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. My back was sore from sleeping on the couch. I looked over to harry he was running around with carrots. Screaming

"You'll get them back, later" as he winked at louis and took off.

I slowly got up and walked over towards my room. I walked in. I was SHOCKED my bed was put together my furniture was in place. Zayn and Liam were just moving my end table into place. I jumped on my bed it was fluffy but stiff just how i liked it.

"you really didn't have to do that" i exclaimed to the two boys who looked exhausted.

"we thought while you were sleeping we would fix your room up" Liam said in a peppy tone. Zayn walked out of the room smiling and patted me on the back. I could tell he was tired.

Sorry this chapter was really boring it'll get better i promise.

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