Trust me

A girl named Tyler is a Tom boy and loves to play outside as she gets older her child life becomes a horror movie and she can't pay her bills so she gets kicked out and is on the street and meets a guys from one direction but doesent know will she fall for him ? Will she fall for another guy? Will she move on? Will she hate them ?!!


13. tyler i dident mean it!!!!!

harrys pov

i was  walking upstairs and i saw her on the computer she looked hurt i read one it said;

@candy_styles666  to @tyler_chick; u ideot ur a damn slut u think u can go out with harry styles he loves his fans way more than he'll ever love u ,sorry kido but thats how life goes the ones u love dont always love u too >:()i told tyler  dont listen to them there just jelous "NO DIP SHERLOCKK HOMES MABE THERE RIGHT THE ONES U LOVE DONT ALWAYS LOVE U MABE ITS TRUE"i stood there in shock she started to walk  away i grabbed her arm and said "bitch ive tried to treat u right but u so insacure that u dont care ur just another stupid whore "!she looked at me her eyes all watery and she stormed out and down the stairs she grabbed her jacket keys phone shoes an shot out the door crying

nialls pov

i saw tyler running dow the sairs crying she grabbed her stuff an left harry came down "WHAT DID U DO HARRY ' i screamed he told me what happened i slapped him across the face and ran out the door after her she was sitting at a park that was near a lake she was on a bench by the water , i went up to her and sat by her she was still crying  i was so pissed at hrry i told her it be okay and hugged her tight she crying into my shirt harry came over i got up she looked at him in disgust an so did i he ignored me and said " im so sorry tyler i didnent mean it i was foolish"! she just looked awy and put her face in her hands he sat by her i grabbed his arm and said" leave her alone man u screwed it just go ".he walked away and cried i sat by her an put my arm around her she cried harder i felt so bad i lifted her chin and looked in her eyes  an pulled her close i kissed her passionitly she tried plling away but i couldent sttop i kept her there and harry saw her try and push away  he pulled me off and smacked me tyler ran away because we started to fight he went after her when we were done he had a black eye a bloody mouth and scratched face same with me .......


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