Trust me

A girl named Tyler is a Tom boy and loves to play outside as she gets older her child life becomes a horror movie and she can't pay her bills so she gets kicked out and is on the street and meets a guys from one direction but doesent know will she fall for him ? Will she fall for another guy? Will she move on? Will she hate them ?!!


9. Staying strong for Harry

Tylers POV
I was trying to stay strong for Harry and I was screaming his name but we were in a different neighbor hood and I noticed I wasent getting out anytime soon so I sat in his bed and watched tv they sat and watched too it showed one direction on it I kept watching Harry came on he said if u find this girl please tell me call and showed his number my imformation and my picture omg HE'S LOOKING FOR ME !!!!! I was trying to stay calm and quite but out a little sqeal and tino said SHUT UP !! And smacked me across the face
I went on the news and told them about her an who to call if they found her I was asking Lilly makenzie Emma and Shelby were tino or she would have gone they said tino only goes home and Tyler would never try and run away espesally from u so let's go to tinos the I said sadly shelby came up to me hugged me rubbed my back and said well find her don't worry
Tinos POV
They won't find her then on the news that kid told everyone to look for her I can't bring her out of the house now ! That stupid kid bad
Mistake hel pay for that ......
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