Trust me

A girl named Tyler is a Tom boy and loves to play outside as she gets older her child life becomes a horror movie and she can't pay her bills so she gets kicked out and is on the street and meets a guys from one direction but doesent know will she fall for him ? Will she fall for another guy? Will she move on? Will she hate them ?!!


11. Save him!

I pulled him into the car an told the boys to get in cause my bffs were in trying to hold a cloth to the wound on his shoulder I drove as fast as I could and when we got there they got him on a gurnie and we waited then the doctor came out and sai " the impact was pretty bad but we got it out in time he's sleeping right now but u can go in ."
Harry's POV
I heard talking in the hall so I just waited for a doctor to come in or somthing but ............ TYLER came in I got so happy I screamed HI love she said wow calm down u could hypervetalate I said too late We laughed and she asked when I could leve he said now sign this .. Before he could say anything she took the pen wrote her name took me out of bed an ran down the hall the boys and her friends ran after us screaming our name Tyler dident stop we got out side and she went to te side of the hospital pulled me close and we kissed
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