Trust me

A girl named Tyler is a Tom boy and loves to play outside as she gets older her child life becomes a horror movie and she can't pay her bills so she gets kicked out and is on the street and meets a guys from one direction but doesent know will she fall for him ? Will she fall for another guy? Will she move on? Will she hate them ?!!


7. I lost EM

Tyler's POV
Harry came to me when I was at my locker I gave him a peck reached down and grabbed my stuff he said hay is that all I get I said fine I dropped my stuff on his toe kissed him on the cheek and said in late for class I have to go I said sacasumly Ouch he said I geuss I desevred that he said walking away ya you did I yelled across the hall then tino came up to me and said take me back plz I yelped no I don't think Harry heard me tino stopped me from screaming by crashing his lips against mine I tried pushing him away he wouldent let go I saw him holding on to a pocket knife so I had to be careful
Harry's POV
I started walking to class I heard a never or somthing like that I thought she was about to say never mind or somthing but stopped and I got in class after class tino came up to me withdrawing Tyler along she looked like she'd seen a ghost what did u do to her ! I yelled Emma Lilly and makenzie were around so they came over but not too close tino pressure pointed her and she fainted and fell into my arms tino said she's mine now I kissed her I made out with her she's mine and people like u don't get the girls people like me do his gang started laughing at me I carried her bridal style home to rest and I cried I skipped school but I dident care her friends followed me louis came home and tried to calme me down I wouldent I couldent then I heard a loud bang in the room Tyler was in....
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