Trust me

A girl named Tyler is a Tom boy and loves to play outside as she gets older her child life becomes a horror movie and she can't pay her bills so she gets kicked out and is on the street and meets a guys from one direction but doesent know will she fall for him ? Will she fall for another guy? Will she move on? Will she hate them ?!!


10. Caught yah !!

Tyler's POV
I can't wait till tino takes me out someone has to see me ! I told him lets go get food tino replaced let's with I will get food and Tasha said I'll watch her after tino left I heard a knock on the door Tasha answered I heard boom ! Like somone fell to the floor then I heard running I backed up slowly to the corner of the room Harry showed up in the door way I ran and hugged him he said lets get out of here so we ran out to the car were my bffs and the boys were and at that moment tino pulled up got out of his car and held a gun and Tasha came out and grabbed me an put a knife to my throut the boys came out and walked by Harry so did my bffs and built a barior once they did that the gun pointed to me I sqwiched my eyes trying to get ready for pain and then a bullet shot but dident hit me HARRY got in the way I screamed his name but that did no good louis came up from behind tino and said look Kevin and knocked him out Tasha still knife to my neck crying I slammed my elbow into her Stomac and she fell I quickly ran to Harry lieing on the ground I pulled him into the car....
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