We Lost him...*COMPLETE*

"Hey guys where's Liam?" Niall asked, his mouth stuffed with chips. I decided to go outside and check on him. I went out to the street and felt the cold wind blow on my face. Then there was Liam. I smiled. Poor Liam had his hands full of coffee cups for us. My smile faded and was replace by a terrified face. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


13. The meeting


              "paul wants to see us all in the studio in 5 minutes" Louis said before jogging off to let Harry know. I sighed and slowly made my way to the studio downstairs. Ever since Liams insident I haven't been excited over anything. This better not be another of Pauls stupid 'talks' over our behavior towards Robbie. Its like Robbie is his son or something. Its all about him and I'm tired of it. A smile spread on my face. It must be about the stuff that Robbie fucked up in our tour yesterday.

              I took a deep breahth before pushing the door open. The boys were already there and Robbie too. I sat on the floor next to Zayn and waited for Paul to tell us whatever it is he needs. "I'm sort of nervous." Zayn whispered. "Me too. But it might be about Robbie's mess yesterday." "I hope so"

          "Lads I have great news to tell you!" Pauls voice roared through the studio as he clapped his hands. I sort of shrunk in my seat, nervous of what he had to say.

         "I had been thinking and Its time to change things da little." I groaned and kept on listening. 

         "I have decided that Robbie will have all of Liam' solos and." He paused to look at each of our faces.

       "And he will have a Solo to rap in Live While we're young and Kiss you and Summer Love." 

       Everyone was silent for a while. Then a small whisper asked "Who' part will be taken out?" I turned  me head to realize that it was Harry. 

        "Actually, In Live while we're young one of Zayn's part will be covered by Robbie in a rap " I felt Zayn tense up next to me and I was ready to explode. The anger I was feeling was so strong that I knew my whole face was turning red.

       "In Kiss you another solo will be taken from Harry and in Summer love a Solo from Harry will be taken as well." 

        "What the fuck?" said a very red Harry styles. "Watch your language Harry" Said paul opening the door to leave. I felt my eyes get watery. Then tears poured out. My anger made me cry andnow my hands were shaking?

         "Who do we have here? Well if it isn't little mr. jelouse crybaby. Just admit it Niall. You're nothing but-" before he can say anyhing else I jumped on him causing him to crash to the floor. I started punching him while Harry wanted to kick him butwas pulled away fromLouis 

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